Classic Post & Rope Stanchions

The classic post and rope stanchion is the ultimate stylish crowd control guidance system.  Our heavy duty metal stanchions include custom finish options to match the decor in any setting.   All classic post and rope stanchions are available in three post top options; classic ball top, crown or urn top, and the flat top.  Bases come in flat style, dome style, or in a permanent or semi-permanent fixed and removable style.  Match a custom post stanchion below with our rope selection here.

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Classic Post & Rope Stanchions

The post and rope is the traditional elegant solution, instantly reminiscent of the signature Academy Award red carpet brass post and velvet rope.  Guide the entrance to your upscale event down the red carpet with the classic post and rope stanchions.  Traditional stanchions are also excellent display barriers to add to the visual experience at a retail display or event installation.

Posts can be customized with stylish and durable premium polished finishes including brass, chrome, satin and stainless steel, and black.  Rope options are the traditional soft velvet (velour) ropes, leather (naugahyde), and braided nylon (twisted polypropylene) for the ultimate durability.  

All classic post and rope stanchions are easily transported on our stanchion carts.  Sign toppers can be added to the crown top or flat top stanchions.

Find your elegant solution below!

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