Fixed Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barriers

It can be tough keeping customers and visitors safely out of restricted areas and employee-only zones or directing them through checkout lines in an organized fashion, especially when there's limited space for traditional barrier solutions. Fixed wall mount retractable belt barriers like ours can be mounted directly to the wall, providing an affordable solution that's convenient, easy to install, and discretely out of the way, helping you keep workers and customers safe and organized.
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Fixed Wall Mount Retractable Belt Barriers

Frequently Asked Questions: Wall Mounted Belt Barriers

Q: How does the belt end attach to the wall?
A: Our wall mounted belt barriers come with receivers which fasten to the opposite wall. These receivers can be magnetic (to receive magnetic belt ends) or clips (to receive standard belt ends). 

Q: How does the belt cartridge attach to the wall?
A: The wall mounted belt barrier housing can be attached to the wall in a variety of ways. For instance magnetic wall mounted belt barriers have magnets to attach to magnetic surfaces. Standard fixed wall mounted belt barriers can be fastened to the wall with standard hardware. Or there are removable plates which can be attached to the wall for the cartridge to clip on and off as needed, as well as warehouse rack mounts, and clamp mounts for poles or posts. 

Q: What if I lose or break the wall mount receiver?
A: We sell wall mount receivers separately for this purpose. 

Q: Are wall mounted belt barriers suitable for outdoor use?
A: Wall mounted retractable belt barriers can withstand limited outdoor use, but extended outdoor use is not good for retractable belts of this kind.

Q: How does the belt breaking system work?
A: The belt breaking system is an internal design to help slow the retraction of the belt to a safe and reasonable speed. This will function automatically upon retraction and you do not need to operate that system. 

Q: Could this belt extend at an angle?
A: When extending the belt, you'll want to pull the belt straight outward, but it can be clipped into a wall at an angle.