Rope Barrier Accessories

Classic post and rope stanchion barriers are simple and effective crowd control options for theaters, museums, and other fine event spaces. This collection of rope barrier accessories includes options for repairing, maintaining, or enhancing rope barrier systems. Some of these accessories can also improve your store's merchandising abilities.
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Rope Barrier Accessories

Accessories to help fix rope barriers:

Replacement Rope Snap Ends: We offer replacement snap ends for Montour Line stanchion ropes. These are useful for repairing broken snap ends, and are available in all major finishes. 

Replacement Stanchion Bases (Covers and Bases): We also offer replacement stanchion bases for stanchion posts whose bases are damaged. Replacements are available for the entire base piece and its accompanying cover or just the cover. For instance if the finish of a base cover is scratched, then only the base cover may be needed. 

Accessories to help enhance rope barriers:

Wall Plate Rope Attachment: Stanchion ropes have clips to allow them to easily attach to stanchion tops, but they can also be attached to any other loop. These wall plate rope attachments fasten to the wall so that velvet rope barriers can begin or end all the way at the wall, leaving no gaps. For instance this could be used to close off the staff entry area of a checkout counter or ticketing counter. The wall plate is small enough that it is easy to ignore when no rope is attached, as well. 

Magnetic Break-Away Connectors for Stanchion Ropes: If you want to connect stanchion ropes in an affordable and impermanent way, these magnetic break-away connectors allow you to simply clip each snap end to a magnetic connector, and attach the magnets. 

Sign Toppers for Stanchions: Many customers like to add sign toppers to the top of their existing post and rope stanchion kits to add crowd control instructions to their barriers such as "Do Not Enter" or "Line Starts Here". These are also commonly used to add notices about sales, special offers, or even simply advertisements.