Ropes For Classic Stanchions

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Velvet Style Stanchion Ropes

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Leather Style Stanchion Ropes

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Woven Stanchion Ropes

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Classic Post & Rope Stanchion Posts

Hanging stanchion ropes connect to a traditional post and rope stanchion for stylish, red carpet line formation and crowd control. When used with classic metal post stanchions, these velvet rope barriers effectively and affordably create a classic, red carpet event ambiance. Stanchion ropes are available in classic red velvet, black velvet, natural hemp, black leather, and more to accommodate your specific event theme.
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Ropes For Classic Stanchions


Rope Barriers For Special Events

High-class special events like weddings, banquets, or even conferences often demand something more elegant and refined than the traditional retracting belt stanchions. For theaters, museums, clubs, or event venues where patrons expect a particular experience, it’s important for every aspect of the interior design to meet these expectations, even the stanchions put in place for line formation. Event managers understand that even these elements demand a certain aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions: Velvet Rope Barriers

Q: How many ropes come with an order?  A: Ropes are sold individually at this time.
Q: Can velvet ropes be cut to size? A: You should not cut your ropes to size. Instead, buy the specific size you need or contact us for help.
Q: How long are these hanging ropes? A: Many of our ropes come in a variety of sizes, which you can select from the dropdown on the product page.
Q: Can ropes be purchased permanently attached to the post? A: For optimum convenience, our ropes have snap ends which can clip them into place on any stanchion. They are not permanently affixed and you do not need to purchase any separate clips to fasten them to the stanchion posts.

Making Special Events That Matter

George Taylor, Chairman of LS4 Events says that “There’s only so high you can go on retention rates, PR, brand-building and sales without events.” In his perspective, face-to-face events make an important contribution to team morale, staff retention, and simply can’t be replaced with virtual meetings. Studies suggest that employee satisfaction is linked in part to how engaged an employee feels at their workplace. This feeling of engagement makes them 87% less likely to leave and, equally important, more effective at making sales or yielding returns for company shareholders.


These special, formal events are far from frivolous. An award ceremony for example serves a double purpose. While the awards presented make employees feel validated, the high-class event itself makes them feel valued. These large events also give them the chance to interact with colleagues beyond their immediate teams and helps achieve another element of job satisfaction - the feeling of belonging to something bigger than one’s self. Hilton for example is at the top of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For list, and their Glassdoor reviews frequently mention the company’s special events and ceremonies.

Upgrading Your Venue For Red Carpet Events

While special events are motivating in part because they demonstrate a company’s willingness to invest in their employees, the investment doesn’t have to be extreme. Any standard event space, public hall, hotel, or venue can be tailored for red-carpet events with just a few staple features. Red carpets and red carpet velvet rope barriers go a long way towards creating an elegant atmosphere. While standard black stanchions with retractable belts are effective tools for line formation, black velvet ropes serve the same purpose at a similar price, but with a more elegant style, especially when paired with decorative stanchion posts. These red carpet stanchions with velvet ropes for crowd control instantly create a red-carpet styled atmosphere, even when there’s no red-carpet at all. These can be used to create ticket lines, block off restricted areas, or highlight event booths within the venue.



Use Cases For Velvet Rope Barriers

  • Proms
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events and parties
  • Private red carpet events
  • Museums
  • Concert halls and event venues
  • Theaters
  • Night Clubs
  • Velvet Rope Barrier Benefits

  • Elegant design, paired well with polished posts
  • Affordable contribution to high-class aesthetics
  • Easy set up and tear-down
  • Available in multiple colors and materials
  • Velvet Rope Barrier Types

    Rope Barrier Colors Stanchion ropes are available in the popular red and black as well as green, maroon, purple, blue, yellow, and natural hemp.
    Rope Barrier Materials Stanchion ropes are available in velvet style, leather style, plastic, woven plastic, and hemp.
    Rope Barrier Lengths 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 foot rope lengths.