Site Furnishings At CCW

At CCW Site Furnishings, we use our more than decade of experience curating high quality, affordable products to help our customers achieve the enjoyable commercial environments they want for their large and small businesses. We offer a robust collection of site furnishings, including commercial park benches, commercial picnic tables, trash receptacles, concrete planters for decorative use as well as discrete security reinforcement, commercial bike racks, event bleachers, decorative security bollard posts with or without lighting, as well as dog park equipment for the rising trend of dog parks. Customers use these high value products for businesses of all kinds, from hospitals, museums, and libraries, to shopping malls, apartment complexes, and parks. Almost every public facility needs site furnishings like these to accommodate customer needs and expectations. CCW Site Furnishings makes these site plans easy. 

The CCW Site Furnishing strategy is simple. We work hard to curate quality products which we can sell directly from our factories, enabling us to offer the highest quality products at the lowest wholesale prices on the market so our customers can furnish their site plans on budget.

We understand how complicated it can be to create and implement site furnishing plans for large outdoor or indoor facilities. To make this process as smooth as possible, we work hard to offer exceptional customer service with an attentive, knowledgable sales team. Our team of product specialists is always available to offer guidance, make customizations, or discuss discounts and bulk pricing options. Reach out to CCW Site Furnishing's team at (847) 991-9900.