AC4DSL-NL Solar D-Cell LED Barricade Traffic Light (Pack of 10)

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  • Operates on 2 or 4 D-cell batteries, solar charging cells, or a combination of both
  • Maintenance free for about 5 years
  • Three modes of operation: Flash (Type A), Steady-Burn (Type C), and Off
  • Lightweight
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Product Overview

If you thought that traffic light could not get any better, you were wrong! The new Dicke AC4DSL-NL is a dual Solar/D-Cell barricade light powered by an extremely efficient solar panel, D-Cell batteries, or a combination of both. The option to combine power supplies ensures longer operational life, reduces the frequency of battery charge and, as a consequence, increases worker safety while reducing battery disposal. Furthermore, the solar panel will charge the batteries during daylight, even in overcast conditions. The perfect solution is with Dicke!

(10) AC4DSL-NL Solar D-Cell LED Barricade Traffic Lights


  • Equipped with a photocell which turns light on and off at dawn and dusk
  • Three modes of operation, Flash (Type A), Steady-Burn (Type C), and Off
  • Each light supplied with mounting hardware: bolts, switch pins, and wrench. Bolt protectors available at extra cost
  • Standard package: 10 lights per carton
  • Optically correct polycarbonate lens, high impact case, and stainless steel contacts
  • Lightweight, may be self-certified for compliance with NCHRP-350 crash test standards
  • Will operate on 2 or 4 D-cell batteries, solar charging cells, or a combination of both
  • Operational life is about 5 years in optimal conditions with the combination of quality D-Cell batteries, solar cells, and our "Smart Circuit" technology
  • Time required to fully charge solar cells: 23 hours in optimal sunlight
  • Exceeds ITE standards and MUTCD visibility specifications


Information Sheet

Information Sheet



  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Battery (not included): 2 or 4 D-cell
  • Solar Cells Full Charge Time: 23 hours in optimal sunlight
  • Solar Cell Battery Life (from full charge): Flashing mode - 9 days; Steady-Burn mode - 7 days
  • Weight per Carton: 19 lbs.


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