B4DH-SL Solar High Intensity D-Cell Barricade Light

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  • Dim mode dims light to 50% at night to extend battery life
  • Maintenance free for about 5 years
  • Unidirectional lens with attached visor to eliminate sun glare
  • Durable
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Product Overview

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The Dicke B4DH-SL Solar High Intensity D-Cell Barricade Light is powered by an extremely efficient solar panel, D-Cell batteries, or a combination of both. Four D-Cell batteries are recommended for optimal performance, and the combination with the solar panel reduces the frequency of battery changes and prolongs its operational life. The solar panel will charge the batteries even in overcast conditions, and we have found a solution for sun glare as well - an unidirectional lens with attached visor!

B4DH-SL Solar High Intensity D-Cell Barricade Light


  • Unidirectional lens with attached visor to eliminate sun glare
  • Three modes: Flashing/Dim, Flashing/No Dim, or Off
  • Light dims 50% at night which extends battery life
  • Operates with solar cells independently or in combination with "D" cell batteries (not included); It is recommended that 4 "D" cell batteries be installed for optimal performance
  • Features optically correct UV stabilized polycarbonate lens, high impact visor and case, and stainless steel contacts
  • Maintenance free operational life is about 5 years in optimal conditions with the combination of quality D-Cell batteries, solar cells, and our "Smart Circuit" technology
  • Standard package: 10 lights/carton
  • Each light supplied with mounting hardware: bolts, switch pins, and wrench; bolt protectors available at extra cost
  • Exceeds ITE standards and MUTCD visibility specifications; may be self-certified for compliance with NCHRP-350 crash test standards


Information Sheet



  • Type: 3 modes: Flashing/Dim, Flashing/No Dim, or Off
  • Lens: UV stabilized polycarbonate
  • Charge time: 2 days
  • Run time for solar cells: dim mode: 5 days; non-dim mode: 3 days


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