Water/Sand Fillable Roadway Jersey Barrier with Fencing Option - 42" H x 72" L x 24" W

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  • Jersey traffic barrier
  • Sand/water fillable for stability, 1330 lbs. when full
  • Lighting and Fence Panels Available
  • Ideal for use in traffic construction areas
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Product Overview

Federally Accepted - Federal Acceptance Letter WZ-277
When you need a product to stand in as a perimeter but you want to save money, chanelizing Device at TL3. The MB42x72 JSS LCD fills the void between concrete barriers and cones, flasher barricades, and drums. Cones and drums can create unclear delineation and confusion for a driver trying to navigate through a work zone. When concrete barriers are used for the simple purpose of channelization, the concrete barriers become a collision hazard themselves, where the MB42x72 JSS LCD creates a defined direction of travel without the collision hazard. The MB42x72 JSS LCD will channel traffic clearly, prevent drivers and pedestrians from short cutting through construction zones, without the risk associated with impacting a concrete wall.

What Is An LCD?
A Longitudinal Channelizing Barricade (LCD) is a federally-designated type of traffic barricade. LCD's are designed to provide visual guidance for motorists and pedestrians. They are meant to supplement drums when positive delineation is needed. They do not provide positive protection. An LCD fills the void in safety between the hazard that concrete barrier posses to motorists versus the gaps in lines of drums that allow vehicles and pedestrians into the work zone! In order to be designated an LCD and be certified for use on a job site, a device must pass NCHRP-350 crash test requirements and the manufacturer must be issued a Federal Acceptance Letter (and be able to produce it on request).

When Plastic is better than Concrete
Just remember, you don't have to use a concrete jersey barrier in all construction zones! The (Roadside) Design Guide calls for concrete barriers to be used only under two circumstances: When it is less dangerous for vehicle occupants to impact the concrete barrier than to collide with a hazard behind the barrier, or to prevent an errant vehicle from penetrating a zone where workers are at risk. Deploying concrete barrier systems at work sites simply as a channelizing/delineating fence is poor practice and creates an unnecessary hazard in itself. 

Water/Sand Capacity: 150 gallons 
80 lbs. Empty, 1330 lbs. Full 
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Against Defect 
NCHRP-350 crash tested and accepted at TL3 (suitable for high speed work zones). 
Federal acceptance letter WZ-277. 
Barricades can hold battery-operated or solar safety lights. 
Water is filled through a topside aperture and emptied by removing a plug at the base. 
Requires no additional hardware or parts.
Optional lighting and fence panels available for security and privacy.

Forms an interlocking wall in any configuration. 
Due to their visibility and imposing nature, drivers respect these devices which provide visual delineation by forming a wall. 
Clearly delineate work zones at night and in bad weather. 
Barricades are not damaged by freezing conditions. If water freezes, plastic will expand. 

Meets MUTCD specification 6F.66 for Longitudinal Channelizing Device. 
Meets NCHRP-350 requirements for Longitudinal Channelizing Devices at TL3. 
Be sure to review the federal acceptance letter if you require an LCD on your job site. Many similar products may not be federally approved.).

**PLEASE NOTE: There is a 5 pc. minimum for this item.**


Length 72 in.
Height 42 in.
Width 24 in.


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