Deluxe Retractable Banner with Custom Printed Graphic 33.5 In.

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Product Overview

Ideal for use at conventions, exhibits, trade shows and more, this roll-up display banner stands with retractable base is the ideal choice for capturing the attention of potential customer and advocates of your cause. Custom graphics are available for maximum effect. The display stand automatically rolls the display into the base for easy storage and transport. This feature also protects your banner from damage. The carrying tube also protects the banner from wear and tear and makes for easy transportation


(1) Single-Sided 33.5"w x 69"h or 80"h or 92"h Graphic Print

(1) Retractable base

(1) One top clamp bar with end caps

(1) Support Pole

(1) Travel Bag (11.5" x 40" x 4")


  • Printed on high quality, durable material to allow for use at many events
  • Roll-up banner display retracts into the base
  • Easily transported and stored with travel bag
  • Carrying tube prevents damage to the graphic
  • Choose size based on your marketing needs

Custom Print Instructions:

Customize your tradeshow and event products with our state-of-the-art digital printing. If you already have artwork you’d like to use, submit your design to our team at checkout using the “upload files” button located below your online shopping cart. In just 24 hours, we’ll follow up with a proof sent to your email address for your approval.

If you don’t currently have artwork you would like to use, don’t worry—our digital graphic artists have you covered with top-quality design services. For more artwork submission details, choose one of the following options below:


For those with ready-to-go designs, have your designer transfer the artwork onto our Deluxe Retractable Banner with Custom Printed Graphic 33.5 In. templates. Make sure to follow our artwork submission guidelines. Artwork files can be uploaded on the product page and submitted with your order using the “upload files” button below the cart. If your files are too large to upload, complete your order and we will contact you with further details.


Our expert graphic design team is ready to help you bring your design to life. To get started, simply follow the artwork submission guidelines and upload your files using the “upload files” button below the cart. If you have multiple files, please zip before uploading. If your files are too large to upload, complete your order and we’ll contact you with further details.

Download Resources:
Click Here To Download Template Files
Click Here To Download Product Specifications
Click Here To Download Instructions


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