Dicke Cone Holder

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  • Easy to use and store
  • Comes in 2 models that can hold up to six 36" cones or up to five 18" or 28" cones
  • Welded steel construction
  • Durable
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Product Overview

Please note that a $15 fee will be applied if the total purchases of Dicke products are under $100.

The Dicke Cone Holder is your perfect solution for storing cones easily! Stack cones for simple storage and quick access and do not worry about losing or damaging them! Choose between two models in accordance with your requirements and get your cone holder today!


(1) Cone Holder


  • Convenient truck mount, bolt-on design
  • Welded steel construction
  • Stack cones for easy storage and quick access
  • Model CH155: Bolts to vehicle; zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Model CH300: Bolts to truck bumper or inside wall; powder coated all steel construction
  • Model CH155 holds up to five 18" or 28" cones
  • Model CH300 holds up to six 36" cones


Information Sheet



  • CH155 Weight: 2.5 lbs.ea.
  • CH300 Size: 9-1/4" deep x 35" tall
  • CH300 Weight: 9.5 lbs.ea.
  • CH300 Mounting plate: 3" x 6-3/4"


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