Dicke Fold & Roll Sign System

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  • Compact storage
  • Patented leg kick release and snap-in hub mechanism
  • Dual torsion spring system
  • Storage bags available
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Product Overview

Compact storage, easy transport to and from the work zone – the Dicke Flag Folding System utilizes a collapsible leg and panel design, eliminating the need for separate storage locations for stand and sign! Furthermore, quick and hassle free set-up allows crews to be more productive and more safe. Choose between reflective and non-reflective material and get your Flag Folding system that can be deployed in 20 seconds!

Fold & Roll Sign System 


  • A collapsible leg and panel design for compact storage and ease of transport to and from the work zone
  • No need for separate storage for stand and sign
  • Patented leg kick release and snap-in hub mechanism that ensures quick, hassle free set-up
  • Dual torsion spring system which reacts smoothly to gusty wind conditions
  • Sign panel detaches from stand for changeability of legends via the Stablock panel holder
  • Telescoping legs with kick releases feature three locking positions for storage and set-up on uneven terrain
  • All systems include a double flag holder and two 18" vinyl flags
  • Sign faces are made of reflective and non-reflective material
  • Storage bags available
  • Meet all MUTCD specifications, NCHRP-350 compliant




  • Sign Size: 36’’ or 48’’
  • Material: Reflective or non-reflective
  • Color: Orange, pink + custom available


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