Dicke Roll-Up Stop/Slow Paddle

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  • Available in reflective (Superbright™, Diamond Grade™, Marathon™) or non-reflective vinyl
  • Available in 2 sizes of 18" or 24" octagon and handle options include telescopic and 3 piece snap together models providing 6' and 7' display heights
  • Compacta and lightweight
  • Easy to store
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Product Overview

Please note that a $15 fee will be applied if the total purchases of Dicke produts are under $100.

Do you need a practical solution for stop or slow signs? The Dicke Roll-Up Stop/Slow Paddles have it all! Full size paddles in a compact, lightweight and easy to store design! Choose between two sizes and a variety of reflective or non-reflective materials and get the full package including a double sided roll-up sign face, a handle and a storage bag. One kit is all you need!

Roll-Up Stop/Slow Paddle


  • Full size paddles
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to store
  • Kits include the sign face, handle sections, and protective storage bag
  • Handle options include telescopic and 3 piece snap together models providing 6' and 7' display heights (bottom of sign to ground)
  • Meet all MUTCD specifications
  • 18" or 24" octagon
  • Available in reflective (Superbright™, Diamond Grad™, Marathon™) or non-reflective vinyl



  • Sign Material: Non-Reflective Vinyl, Reflective Superbright™, Reflective Diamond Grade™, Reflective Marathon™
  • Octagon size: 18’’ or 24’’
  • Customizable? Choose between 2 sizes and different materials


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