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  • Lightweight design
  • Easy installation
  • Highly durable
  • Easy transport and storage
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Product Overview

Meet the Signature’s natural and synthetic turf protection system – the Hexadeck, a system featuring modularity, rapid installation and lightweight design, aimed at distributing weight, while allowing the grass to grow and thrive! Durable, easy to maintain, slip resistant and with UV additives to make sure it lasts longer, the Hexadeck flooring system has everything you need. Opt for the best!



  • Each tile is 3 Square Feet.
  • Each HexaDeck tile is manufactured in a hexagonal shape that naturally provides tremendous strength and versatility
  • Tiles simply snap together without the use of tools, cam locks, or additional pieces; deploys over virtually any terrain
  • Tiles feature an integrated moisture canopy that allows for moisture retention and incorporates drainage holes that provide ventilation, air and small amounts of light to grass below
  • The underside of HexDeck is specially designed to protect grass by distributing weight across multiple support ribs
  • No sharp, unsupported edges exist to damage grass or synthetic turf and the module canopy is raised 1.85 inches off of ground surface
  • Designed to distribute weight effectively for medium weights such as light trucks, forklifts, stages, and other equipment
  • Flooring module incorporates multi-directional, concentric, structural support ribbing, allowing for distribution of weight and loads. Reinforcement ribbing width is 0.14
  • For heavier applications over natural grass, such as semi-tractor trailers, larger shoot booms, and other equipment, HexaDeck is used in combination with a lightweight geotextile fabric to provide access and extraordinary ground protection
  • Features a diamond plate finish that is designed to require minimal maintenance
  • Each panel has an anti-slip sandblast finish that is easy to clean using standard cleaning fluids and a pressure washer
  • When not in use, HexaDeck roadways store compactly on pallets for easy transport and redeployment
  • Used worldwide at facilities ranging from local athletic fields to construction sites to concert festivals and stadiums; used by the U.S. and other militaries for disaster relief and tactical shelters
  • Meets applicable standards for temporary floor covers
  • Extremely durable and able to withstand most weather conditions; waterproof; will not warp or splinter




  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene; UV Inhibitors added
  • Module Size: 3.00 sq/ft in Hexagonal configuration – 26” wide at widest point
  • Height: 1.9’’
  • Module Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Per Square Foot: 2lbs.
  • Per Square Meter: 21.5 lbs.
  • Fire Rating: UL 94HB (Underwriters Laboratory Yellow Card Number) This test signifies that this product does not flare up when exposed to an open flame and has a slow burn rate of 2” per minute for a 2” wide, 0.5-millimeter thickness test sample
  • Hot Wire Ignition Rating: 3
  • Melting Point: 324°F / 162° C
  • Weight Loading: 30,000 lbs. sq/ft static load, solid sub-surface
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects


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