Merchandising Beam
Merchandising Beam
Merchandising Beam

Merchandising Beam



Tempt your customers while they wait in the queue with this Merchandizing Beam. This unit is a great way to make products move off the shelf fast as it clearly displays items like snacks and stationery is a classy, and elegant way. When paired with display bowls or clip strips (sold separately), these merchandising beams are the perfect solution to increase impulse buys in your checkout lines.

(1) Merchandizing Beam

  • Available in 4 Ft. or 6 Ft. length, select based on your queue merchandising needs
  • Allows for up to 3 display bowls on the 4 Ft. beam or 4 display bowls on the 6 Ft. beam
  • Attaches to the queue barrier using the barrier’s receiving splines
  • Sturdy, durable design ensures cost effectiveness
  • 4 Ft beam holds up to 14 clip strips, 6 Ft beam holds up to 20 clip strips; merchandising clip strips sold separately
  • Ideal for use in retail checkout lines to increase impulse sales
Beam Length: 4 ft. / 6 Ft.
Weight: 5.5 lbs / 8.6 lbs
Max # of Clip Strips per beam: 14 / 20
Max Clip Length: 31"

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