Merchandising Clip Strip
Merchandising Clip Strip

Merchandising Clip Strip



Great for use with the Merchandising Beam, this Merchandising Clip Strip allows for the stock of items that tempt customers into impulse buys as they navigate through queues. The clips can also be added to standalone units without belts deployed. The innovative design allows for fast, no-fuss restocking and is easy to open and close. This feature also allows the customers to take items from the clip without issues.

(1) Merchandising Clip Strip

  • 12 easy-open/close clips per Clip Strip
  • For use with the Merchandising Beam (sold separately)
  • Sturdy, durable design ensures cost effectiveness
  • Easy to open and close for fast restocking
  • Ideal for use in retail checkout lines to increase impulse sales
# of Clips per Clip Strip: 12
Max Clip Length: 31"

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