Paws Table for Dog Park

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  • Practice sit and stay commands here
  • Available in Natural (green & tan) or Playful (blue & red)
  • Powder-coated steel frames
  • Inground or Surface Mount
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Product Overview

A place for dogs to catch a break, to practice sit and stay commands, or to enjoy a grooming session while resting – the Paws Table for Dog Park. This table features a Canine Coat, which makes it soft on the paws and slip resistant. There are two different color combinations to choose for this product.

Paws Table for Dog Park


  • Paws/Grooming table
  • Canine Coat
  • Inground or Surface Mount
  • Two color options 



  • Color: Red and Blue or Green and Tan
  • Coating: Canine Coat
  • Mounting: Inground or Surface Mount
  • Customizable? Choose color


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