TrafiLITE™ 6 Volt LED Barricade Traffic Light

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  • Photo cell turns light on and off automatically
  • Requires one or two six volt lantern batteries
  • Three modes of operation: Flash (Type A), Steady-Burn (Type C), and Off
  • Durable
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Product Overview

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The Dicke TrafiLite 6 Volt LED Barricade Traffic Light is the right product for you if you are searching for a light with an LED light source! It offers three modes (flashing, steady burn and off) and features a photo cell which turns the light on and off automatically. Get yours today, get the 6 volt batteries and enjoy your amber light!

TrafiLite 6 Volt LED Barricade Traffic Light


  • Combines all of the features of the TLW8S with an LED light source
  • Photo cell turns light on and off automatically
  • Three modes: flashing, steady burn, and off
  • 10 - 3-3/4" bolts, 2 - on/off keys, and 1 wrench are included with each box of 10 lights
  • Requires one or two 6 volt lantern batteries (not included)



  • Type: 3 modes: Flash-Steady-Off
  • Lens Color: Amber
  • Battery required: 1 or 2 6 Volt Lantern Batteries


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