Visiontron Queue-in-a-Box Urn Top Stanchion Kit

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  • Crown/Urn Top Stanchion
  • Sloped Base
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Stanchion Set with Ropes
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Product Overview

Imagine getting a box with everything you need for crowd control inside? The Visiontron Queue-in-a-box includes two conventional posts and one FREE 6’ rope! The posts have a similar high quality tie-rod construction as our other conventional stanchions, while the rope is made of premium 1-1/2’’ diameter rope that you can expect to get from a quality U.S. manufacturer. Choose the Visiontron Queue-in-a-Box and say no to sacrificing quality for price!

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  • Visiontron Queue-in-a-Box -- (2) Urn Top Stanchions and (1) 6 Ft. Velour Rope


  • Post with a sloped base and urn top
  • Durable tie-rod construction - full length center rod keeps tension between the post cap and base to ensure they will not loosen and fall apart over time
  • Heavy construction makes the components more resistant to denting, so they will last for years
  • Molded rubberized floor protector - standard on our 18 lb. cast baseweight
  • Easy assembly without any tools
  • 6’ velour rope included
  • Tightly woven rope core
  • Plush red or black velour rope covering
  • Tap for signage option (SUB-TAP)




  • Post Height: 37’’
  • Post Diameter: 2’’
  • Post Finishes: Polished Aluminum or Polished Brass Aluminum
  • Base Diameter: 14’’
  • Base Finishes: Polished Chrome or Black ABS
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Rope Length: 6’ (including snap ends)
  • Rope Diameter: 1-1/2’’
  • Rope Style: Red or black velour
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: VS400S


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