Visiontron Silk Screen Message on Body - Single Color, Dual-Sided

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  • Durable and permanent messages
  • Available for exterior use
  • High quality print
  • Ideal to customize your barricade
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Product Overview

Opt for Silk Screen Printing and get your own message on your Retracta-Cade! Specify the text you want as well as the ink color in the “Special Instructions for Seller” during checkout and have your message printed on both sides of the body. Customize your Retracta-Cades with our durable, high quality silk screen printing and don’t worry about your letters rubbing off!

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  • Visiontron Silk Screen Message on Body - Single Color, Dual-Sided


  • Available for exterior use
  • High quality, custom silk screen printing
  • Durable, permanent messages on both sides of the body, which can be covered with signage when necessary
  • Ideal for everyone in need of permanent crowd control setups

**Please indicate custom message and ink color in "Special Instructions for Seller" field during checkout**



  • Type: Silk screen printing
  • Message: Double-sided
  • Customizable? Yes, choose your own message and ink color
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: SUB-RCDSS2S1C


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