Different spectator events call for different seating solutions, but each indoor or outdoor space requires a bleacher system that's both durable and easy to use. To accommodate this, our collection of metal and aluminum bleachers includes portable tip n' roll and transportable bleachers as well as a varying number of bleacher rows to accommodate both large and small stadium capacities. Customers use our aluminum bleachers for sports seating, choir risers, school assembly seating, and multitude of other spectator events.
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Movable Stadium Bleachers

When you’re setting up your school gym or local park for baseball games, football games, and community events, you want an easy solution for spectator seating so you can focus on the events you care about. Bleacher style seating is the most effective way to accommodate your spectators. Portable metal bleachers in particular are sturdy, dependable, and easy to handle. Our collection of metal bleachers includes portable tip ‘n roll bleachers to assist with storage and relocation. You’ll also find options for an extra sturdy galvanized steel understructure and a variety of sizes to accommodate your crowd. This guide will help you compare and consider all the bleachers for sale in our extensive collection.

A Staple of American Culture

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America is home to the oldest professional sports league in the world. That league, of course, is baseball’s National League, dating all the way back to its foundation in 1876. By this point, baseball clubs had been playing on their own for 30 or more years, with the first official baseball game believed to be in a simple park called Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey. This park was far from our modern day baseball stadiums however, without even a chain link fence and therefore, no system for restricting access and selling tickets. In 1903 the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates partnered with Andrew Carneigie to purchase 7 acres of land he intended to build up into a new, concrete and steel baseball stadium, complete with three tiers of bleachers for stadium seating. This stadium, Forbes Field, is now considered the first official baseball stadium.

For reasons like this, simple aluminum bleachers evoke a sense of nostalgia for American past times. American athletes and artists alike can all remember a time they joined friends and family in the sturdy rows of aluminum bleachers. Some of us found our seats within the bleacher rows, hot dogs in hand to watch baseball games in the late summer light. Others of us filed along the aluminum rows in our choir robes to serenade our parents and grandparents.

How To Choose The Right Stadium Seating

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Metal and aluminum bleacher seating finds its way into many spectator events and community performances however, not simply field sports. It can be hard therefore to know exactly which seating options might suit your needs best. To make it easier for you to select the right bleachers for your specific event, we’ve collected a few tips to consider:

1.) If you have an indoor environment such as a gym or theater, we can recommend one of our low-rise bleachers with rubber feet to protect your gym or stage floor.

2.) If you have an outdoor park or baseball field, we may recommend our 5-row aluminum bleachers which include a protective chain-link guard-rail, also available with an aisle and handrail.

3.) To help you estimate how many bleacher seats each set includes, we recommend assuming 18” per seat. But if you’d like our help making your decision, don’t hesitate to contact us at (847) 565 2803. We’re eager to help.

4.) Our standard sizing options range from 2-5 rows with lengths from 7.5-24 feet, but if you’re looking for bleachers with an even higher capacity, we have bleachers with 10 rows of seating as well.

Use Cases For Aluminum Bleachers

  • Baseball Field Spectator Seating
  • Football Field Spectator Seating
  • Basketball Court Spectator Seating
  • Indoor Spectator Seating
  • Performing Arts
  • Choir Bleachers
  • Theater Seating
  • Aluminum Bleacher Benefits

  • Lightweight portability
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Capacities up to 200
  • Options for chain-link fencing
  • Options for handrails
  • sports seating outdoor bleachers

    Bleachers For Sale

    Bleacher Rows Most bleachers have anywhere from 2 to 5 rows, with some offering up to 10 rows.
    Bleacher Lengths Bleacher lengths range from 7.5 ft to 24 ft long.
    Bleacher Capacities To calculate bleacher capacity, divide each row by 18 inches and multiply by the number of rows.

    Additional Bleacher Features

    Portability Some of our portable bleachers are tip and roll portable bleachers.
    Floor Protectors Some of our bleacher seating includes feet with floor protectors.
    Safety Features Our collection includes bleachers with chain link fencing and bleachers with handrails, as well as bleachers with aisles.