Stanchion Sign Frames

Stanchion sign frames go a long way towards enhancing customer experiences as well as increasing sales. The signage in our sign frame and sign holder collection attaches easily to the top of traditional or retractable belt stanchions and serves as an affordable and effective tool for both merchandising and way-finding design plans. Managers of large public facilities and small retail stores alike understand the importance of signage for positive customer experiences and even increased sales.
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Stanchion Sign Frames

How Stanchion Sign Frames Help Your Business

According to recent studies, 21% of US consumers feel stressed by in-store retail experiences. Unfortunately, confused, stressed, or unhappy customers are customers who abandon their shopping and go home. Below, we’ll discuss how simple retail signage can help create a positive customer experience, and increase sales.

Other industries like airports, hospitals, or libraries may not be focused on increasing sales, but rather organizing the flow of foot traffic and keeping their visitors from losing their way. As we’ll discuss below, there are entire industries built around keeping visitors from getting lost.

Directional Signage For Wayfinding

In many US airports, a traveler may find themselves walking over a mile from one gate to another. At Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for instance, a traveler will walk just over 2 miles to get from the beginning of the domestic terminal to the international terminal. All the while, passengers and transit workers alike are working hard to maintain tight schedules. Similarly, a 2006 study showed that nurses walk as much as 5 miles in a 12 hour shift.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that there are entire industries dedicated to improving the “wayfinding” experience in large buildings like these. The fundamental tool at the core of this industry is, of course, signage. These signage plans can become quite complex and costly, but simple stanchion sign holders play a significant role in these wayfinding plans as well. Think back to the last time you entered the TSA pre-check line at the airport for instance. Perhaps without realizing it, you count on signs like these to determine which lines are meant for you. While your large facility may very well demand permanent signs, your customers and pedestrians count on small, eye-level signs like these stanchion sign toppers as well.

Retail Signage For Increased Sales

Wayfinding may be less difficult in smaller facilities like retail stores, but it’s still a significant piece of the customer experience because even recreational or “treasure-hunt” style shoppers want to find the things they’re looking for. Subtle stanchion sign frames to label product brands, categories, or sizes allow goal-oriented shoppers to find what they’re looking for without significantly interrupting the browsing experience for those without a specific goal.

Stanchion sign toppers are effective and affordable tools for good wayfinding experiences, but they also contribute to effective merchandising plans as well. Some experts say that up to 85% of in-store purchases are influenced by retail signage. Good merchandising plans go beyond the way you organize inventory within your store, but also include your messaging around that placement. For instance good merchandising signage includes discount notices, and notices for both up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. All of this in-store messaging contributes to impulse-buying, a surprisingly large contributor to overall sales. Especially among millenials for instance, who make 49% of their purchases on impulse according to this 2018 study.

Use Cases For Stanchion Sign Frames And Sign Holders

  • Retail Store Sale Signage
  • Retail Store Up-sell Signage
  • Retail Store Cross-sell Signage
  • Airport Wayfinding Signage
  • Medical Facility Directional Signage
  • Stanchion Sign Frame and Sign Holder Collection Features

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes
  • Compatible with most major stanchion brands
  • Available for retractable belt barrier stanchions for classic post and rope stanchions
  • Easy set up
  • Variations

    Sign Frame Colors Black or polished chrome, or polished brass
    Sign Frame Materials Steel or plastic.
    Sign Topper Types Retractable belt barrier compatible or classic stanchion post compatible.