Angry Bull Barricades

Angry Bull Barricades are the go-to durable steel barricades designed for various crowd control and safety applications. These barricades are known for their sturdy construction and versatility, making them suitable for events, construction sites, traffic management, and more. They're made from top-quality materials that withstand all outdoor conditions and can be easily set up and moved as needed. Whether you need to create a secure perimeter, direct traffic, or provide a clear visual barrier, Angry Bull Barricades are the perfect choice.
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Angry Bull Barricades


Striving to meet the needs of some of the toughest industries out there, we manufacture the highest quality crowd control barricades. We provide an array of heavy duty and economy steel barricades that are nearly indestructible and contain even the most rambunctious of crowds. We don’t stop at barricades – we offer storage solutions and custom printed jacket covers. Angry Bull is your one-stop shop for all of your barricading needs.

We are a proud supplier for the military, police departments, airports, stadiums and arenas, entertainment venues, general and highway construction, marathons and parades.