Steel Barricades

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If you’ve seen a heavy duty barricade in use, it’s likely from Crowd Control Warehouse. Steel interlocking barricades, or Bike Rack barricades, provide superior crowd management, safety, and durability. The most popular uses of the heavy duty barricade include construction sites, airports, parades, festivals, marathons, concerts and stadiums. Our metal barricades ship from locations all over the country to reduce your delivery times and shipping expenses.
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Steel Barricades

Steel Barricades For Sale: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are steel barricades available in color?

 A: Yes, our barricade collection includes colored, powder coating options.

High Visibility Colors

Orange and yellow are common colors for construction site safety, but there are many other occasions where custom colors may be useful.

Universities may want event barricades consistent with their school colors for track meets, basketball games, and job fares. Corporations may want crowd control barricades consistent with their brand colors.

Q: Are steel barricades weather-proof?

A: Hot-dipped, galvanized, and powder-coated barricades are weather-resistant and can sustain outdoor use.

Finish is Everything

There’s a bit of a difference between galvanized and powder-coating. Let’s take a look:

Pre-Galvanized: Barricade parts are dipped in zinc coating before assembly. This reduces the cost, but also drastically reduces the durability.

Post-Galvanized: The barricade was constructed completely before hot-dipped in a zinc coating. Although the cost may be higher, this finish offers the most durability to withstand all outdoor elements for years and years of use.

Powder-Coated: A dry powder is applied and heated to create a “skin” on the barricade’s exterior. This finish not only offers colorful options but also increased longevity to use and store outdoors.

Q: Are the feet removable?

A: Our barricade collection includes fixed feet barricades, as well as removable bridge or flat feet.

Feet are Important

Flat Feet Barricades: Best for use on even surfaces like pavement or walkways. Tripping hazards are avoided due to the flat nature of the barricade feet. Many flat foot barricades can be bolted to the ground for extra stability. Removable feet allow for easy storage and transportation.

Bridge Feet Barricades: For uneven surfaces like grassy fields or slightly hilly areas. Wide stance provides increased stability. Bridge feet barricades have one large foot and one small foot so they can be set up to easily interlock. Bridge feet are also removable

Fixed Feet Barricades: Easy to set up and break down - no assembly or tools required! New age design is great for use on grassy fields, sidewalks or pavement.


Whether you’re blocking off a restricted area or providing visual guidance for event attendees, our selection of barricades will cover all of your needs. Also known as bike rack barricades, this barrier design has been a staple in crowd control for decades. CCW Steel Barricades come in a variety of designs and coatings.

Barricade Purchasing Made Simple

At Crowd Control Warehouse, we know choosing a barricade can be a somewhat difficult task for any buyer or procurement manager. The CCW Sales Team recommends taking a look at a few barricade features when choosing a barricade to fit your crowd control needs.

Add a Little Somethin’, Somethin’

Although barricades aren’t the prettiest equipment to look at, Custom Barricade Jacket Covers are a way to dress them up a bit. They allow you to create attractive advertising and marketing pieces that can be seen by passers-by and event attendees. Why not increase your brand exposure while managing your crowds?

Need a barricade storage solution? Barricade Storage Carts allow you to easily store up to thirty (30) 8.5 foot barricades. These storage carts make for easy transporting and storage of interlocking metal barricades.

Swing gates are an excellent way to allow certain access points to the crowd within a long, continuous line of barricades. They can simply be added to the hook and loop of most 6 foot and 8 foot interlocking barricades.

Visit our Barricade Buying Guide for a complete guide to purchasing barricades.