4 Reasons to use Velvet Ropes Instead of Retractable Belts for VIP Crowd Control

4 Reasons to use Velvet Ropes Instead of Retractable Belts for VIP Crowd Control

4 Reasons to use Velvet Ropes Instead of Retractable Belts For VIP Crowd Control

Historically, the complex production process of velvet meant that it was reserved for only the wealthiest or most noble patrons and was considered to be a very refined material. In the 13th century for example Marco Polo traveled to Western Europe with a velvet painting he'd collected from the East. There it was common for spiritually powerful figures to be painted onto dramatic backdrops of dark black velvet. Today this painting resides at the Vatican Museum with over 70,000 other opulent and ornate pieces of historical art - still considered modern treasures.

Velvet continues to give an impression of opulence and refinement even today. But that's not the only reason it's become the most popular crowd control solution for museums, art galleries, dining halls, and VIP events.

Below are 4 reasons velvet ropes are the best choice for VIP Crowd Control.

1. Velvet ropes with classic post and rope stanchions are easy to set up and tear down.

When crowd control stanchions are created with velvet ropes and classic post and rope stanchions, venues have the benefit of a crowd control solution that's impermanent and easy to reconfigure. 

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art for instance has a bustling calendar of events with sometimes multiple occurring in one day. The needs are ever-changing, but the demand for aesthetic consistency is constant. 

Velvet post and rope stanchions allow museums like this to set up ticket lines or private event barriers with minimal set up, and easy tear down.


2. Velvet ropes with classic stanchion posts are effective in un-obtrusively guiding foot traffic.

 Way-finding structures do not have to be abrasive or obtrusive to effectively keep customers or patrons on their intended paths. While alternatives like barricades are meant to literally obstruct entry into restricted areas, there are many occasions where that level of blockage is simply unnecessary, (not to mention unattractive.)

Theaters for instance may want to offer a clear area for ticketing line formation without the need for true obstruction. Sometimes these lines must be very long, doubling back and forth to allow for large crowds. In these cases, velvet ropes paired with classic stanchion posts make it clear to customers where the ticketing line exists without creating large obstructions which dominate the experience and atmosphere.


3. Velvet ropes make an environment feel ornate at a minimal cost.

Event planners of VIP events have the tough job of making an environment feel extravagant and prestigious all within the budgets provided them by clientele. With wedding food, photographers, and venues getting more and more expensive each year, (averaging more than $33,000), wedding planners must look for every opportunity to cut costs where they can.

In Marco Polo's day and age, velvet was a high dollar item on account of its tedious production process. Thanks to the industrial revolution and the ability to replicate a velvet look with cheaper materials, velvet ropes and classic stanchions do not need to be expensive additions to event crowd control, often available for ~$100.  


4. Velvet ropes can easily contribute to the specific color scheme and style of an event.

Many crowd control products can be customized with custom colors and branding. For instance barricades can be powder coated with custom colors and retractable belt barrier stanchion belts can accommodate custom colors as well. But velvet ropes paired with classic stanchion posts achieve this customizability with distinct elegance, and extreme ease. 

For instance velvet ropes are available in different colors as well as alternative textures and materials apart from velvet. For instance nautical looks can be achieved with twisted rope. Some venues prefer natural-looking materials like leather for their stanchion ropes

Varying a stanchion post and rope style to a specific color scheme or style is as simple as switching the ropes or snap ends for a new color or texture. Red velvet ropes may be the most traditionally popular for red carpet events, but black velvet ropes are also extremely popular.

Velvet Hanging Stanchion Rope Foam Core

Alternatively, the stanchion posts themselves are available in a wide variety of styles as well with various post finishes and post tops. Common styles include flat top stanchion posts, crown top stanchion posts, and ball top stanchion posts


These four stanchion rope benefits contribute to the widespread popularity of classic post and rope stanchions as a VIP crowd control solution. 

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