Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

Wall mounted retractable belt barriers for facilities safety and crowd control.  Wall mounted retractable belt barriers are used to connect a series of retractable belt barrier stanchions to a wall, to block off a doorway or safety area from entry in a warehouse, or to connect to the back of a semi-trailer for a bespoke barrier.  Crowd Control Warehouse premium wall mounted retractable barriers are compatible with all major retractable belt barrier brands.

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Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

Wall mounted belt barriers come with fixed, removable, clamp, or magnetic mounting fixtures.  Fixed and clamp wall mounts are for more permanent applications where a fixture is drilled/screwed into a wall, or a clamp is placed on a fixed pole or post.  Removable and magnetic mounted belt barriers are for semi-permanent wall installations, connecting to a metal rack surface.  

Wall mounted barrier casings include multiple color options.  Custom belt options are available with many color variants, safety stripes, safety text, or your custom logo.

Customize your wall mounted retractable belt barrier today!  Factory direct at wholesale prices.

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