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It can be tough keeping customers and visitors safely out of restricted areas and employee-only zones or directing them through checkout lines in an organized fashion, especially when there's limited space for traditional barrier solutions. Wall mounted retractable belt barriers like ours provide an affordable solution that's convenient, easy to install, and discretely out of the way, helping you keep workers and customers safe and organized.
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Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers

At Crowd Control Warehouse customers can choose from a robust collection of wall mounted retractable belt barriers with multiple mounting types and protective cases, and a variety of belt lengths, colors, and messages as well. Unlike traditional stanchions, these wall stanchions allow you to mount retractable belts directly to your walls, pipes, posts, racks, shelves, or even metal doors. Magnetic, removable, clamp, or fixed mounting types all allow you to create the barriers you need without cluttering the floors of your work zone.


Wall Mounted Belt Barriers For Safety

Unless you work in one of America’s 18,000 warehouses, it may come as a surprise how many hazards employees face in these industrial environments. Trips and falls alone account for 25 percent of all warehouse injury claims and 95 million lost work days each year. To prevent these frequent and serious injuries, it’s crucial to keep walkways, aisles, and floors clear. In fact, safety professionals site this “good housekeeping” as one of the most important steps in accident prevention.

While ordinary retractable belt barrier stanchions can assist with safety by keeping hazardous areas blocked off, wall mounting these belt barriers provides an extra layer of precaution, keeping floors clear of stanchion posts. Further still, caution messages and high-visibility belt colors are another step towards achieving this optimal safety. When acting as a visual barrier for OSHA requirements for instance, ”safety yellow” is the recommended choice. Orange belts on the other hand tend to warn of dangerous machinery.

Wall Mounted Belt Barriers For Crowd Control

Nothing is more important than safety, but these wall mount barriers are a crucial part of simple crowd control management as well. When wall mounted, retractable belt barriers are especially useful for public facilities which experience surges of foot traffic, 24/7 operation, or both. You may not notice it, but each time you transit through a busy airport, train station, or bus station, you’ve almost certainly relied on the subtle guidance of stanchions and wall mounted retractable belt barriers to help guide your way.

With over 80 million passengers transiting through Chicago O’Hare each year for instance, and over 100 million passing through the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, (the world’s busiest airport), there’s a non-stop need for managing foot traffic, day and night. Routine tasks like construction, maintenance, or cleaning cannot wait for off-hours in facilities like these where the crowds never stop. Likewise, high security areas need to be restricted from general public access, while still easily accessible for staff personnel. Changing needs like these benefit from fixed wall mounts which can quickly and easily be extended or retracted as needed.

Popular Wall Mount Barrier Products

To provide the most robust product offering possible, Crowd Control Warehouse’s wall mount belt barrier collection includes 30+ belt color choices, belt lengths ranging from 7.5 to 75 feet, and multiple case styles or mounting types. The CCW Series WMB 220 alone, our most popular wall mounted belt barrier, is available with both fixed mounting or magnetic mounting, and a black or yellow ABS protective case. Upgrading to the CCW Series WMB 230 Wall Mounted Belt Barrier allows these same options, but with longer belt lengths up to 35 feet.

While wall mounted belt barriers with metal protective cases are quite popular as well, customers choose the CCW Series WMB 220 Wall Mounted Belt Barrier for its lightweight but durable design. This affordable product makes use of ABS (or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, a low-cost but highly damage-resistant thermoplastic. (If you’ve ever had the misfortune of stepping on a lego, you’ve experienced the structural soundness of ABS plastic first hand.) Industrial environments with constant movement of heavy machinery as well as bustling public facilities with thousands of daily pedestrians both benefit from this wall mounted barrier’s sturdy integrity. Yet, this low cost material allows us to offer these high quality wall mounts for sale at an affordable price.

Use Cases

  • Public facilities like schools, churches, recreation centers, or libraries.
  • Transportation facilities, bus stations, airports, and train stations.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, or construction zones.

  • Collection Benefits

  • Standard retractable belt lengths starting from 7.5 feet and extending up to 15 feet as well as extra long belt lengths ranging from 20 feet all the way up to 75 feet.
  • All belts are designed with a durable, herringbone pattern and equipped with a belt-braking technology to minimize retraction speeds and prevent damage to the retractable belts.
  • Quick and easy assembly with simple fixed wall mounting, removable wall mounting, magnetic wall mounting, or clamp mounting options.
  • Multiple protective casing options including black or polished stainless steel and black or yellow ABS plastic housing.
  • Universal standard belt ends compatible with all major stanchion brands, or magnetic or S-Clip belt ends which do not require any receiver at all, simply attaching to magnetic surfaces or wrapping around posts and attaching directly to the retractable belt itself.
  • Case/Mounting Types

    Mounting Types Fixed, fixed-removable, magnetic, and clamp.
    Case Colors Black, polished steel, or black and yellow.
    Case Materials ABS plastic or metal.

    Belt Types

    Colors 30+ Color options
    Belt Messaging Yellow, red, and black message belts with black or white cautionary messaging.
    Belt Width 2" belt widths
    Belt Lengths 7.5, 10, 13, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 50, 65, or 75 foot belt lengths.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Wall Mounted Belt Barriers

    Q: How does the belt end attach to the wall?
    A: Our wall mounted belt barriers come with receivers which fasten to the opposite wall. These receivers can be magnetic (to receive magnetic belt ends) or clips (to receive standard belt ends). 

    Q: How does the belt cartridge attach to the wall?
    A: The wall mounted belt barrier housing can be attached to the wall in a variety of ways. For instance magnetic wall mounted belt barriers have magnets to attach to magnetic surfaces. Standard fixed wall mounted belt barriers can be fastened to the wall with standard hardware. Or there are removable plates which can be attached to the wall for the cartridge to clip on and off as needed, as well as warehouse rack mounts, and clamp mounts for poles or posts. 

    Q: Are the wall mounted belts compatible with standard retractable belt barriers (so that they can clip into standard stanchion posts?)
    A: Yes, our belt ends are created to be compatible across products so that a wall mounted belt can clip into a standard stanchion top. Most brands are compatible as well. 

    Q: What if I lose or break the wall mount receiver?
    A: We sell wall mount receivers separately for this purpose. 

    Q: Are wall mounted belt barriers suitable for outdoor use?
    A: Wall mounted retractable belt barriers can withstand limited outdoor use, but extended outdoor use is not good for retractable belts of this kind.

    Q: How does the belt breaking system work?
    A: The belt breaking system is an internal design to help slow the retraction of the belt to a safe and reasonable speed. This will function automatically upon retraction and you do not need to operate that system. 

    Q: Could this belt extend at an angle?
    A: When extending the belt, you'll want to pull the belt straight outward, but it can be clipped into a wall at an angle.