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Have you been to an airport? A bank? A train station? Well, then you've seen signage for stanchions. Signs are the ultimate requirement for directing customers, travelers or event attendees to their destination with ease. Start off with the right signage strategy and your customers will thank you. CCW has a brilliant assortment of sign frames, floor standing signs and sign inserts to coordinate. Everything you need, all in one place to get the job done - and done right.
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Signage is important for your business. Here's why:

Recent studies indicate that in-store retail experiences are leaving 21% of US consumers feeling stressed out. This is not just bad news for customers, of course, but has an impact on business owners who lose sales when distressed customers abandon their shopping. Simple retail signage like this can help create a positive customer experience, and prevent missed sales.

With new concerns introduced by the 2020 global pandemic, signage can be important for public safety as well. Many cities across the US adopted social distancing or capacity mandates. All of this adds to confusion, especially in many environments that already require navigation guidelines and crowd control for managing foot traffic such as bus stations, airports, and public facilities. Below we'll discuss the crowd control benefits of floor signs as well. 

Signs for directional assistance:

In many US airports, a traveler may find themselves walking over a mile from one gate to another. At Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for instance, a traveler will walk just over 2 miles to get from the beginning of the domestic terminal to the international terminal. All the while, passengers and transit workers alike are working hard to maintain tight schedules. Similarly, a 2006 study showed that nurses walk as much as 5 miles in a 12 hour shift.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that there are entire industries dedicated to improving the “way-finding” experience in large buildings like these. The fundamental tool at the core of this industry is, of course, signage. These signage plans can become quite complex and costly, but simple floor signs play a significant role in these wayfinding plans as well. You count on signs like these to determine which lines, entrance ways, or hallways are meant for you. 

Retail Signage For Increased Sales

Wayfinding may be less difficult in smaller facilities like retail stores, but it’s still a significant piece of the customer experience because even recreational or “treasure-hunt” style shoppers want to find the things they’re looking for. Floor signs labeling product brands, categories, or sizes allow goal-oriented shoppers to find what they’re looking for without significantly interrupting the browsing experience for those without a specific goal.

Of course singage like this can also contribute to effective merchandising plans as well. Some experts say that up to 85% of in-store purchases are influenced by retail signage. Good merchandising plans go beyond the way you organize inventory within your store, but also include strategic messaging around that placement. For instance good merchandising signage includes discount notices, and notices for both up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. All of this in-store messaging contributes to impulse-buying, a surprisingly large contributor to overall sales. Especially among millennials for instance, who make 49% of their purchases on impulse according to this 2018 study.

Signs for social-distancing and COVID safety:

Many cities across the US have required businesses limit their capacity and maintain 6 foot distancing in checkout lines. This would be nearly impossible without the help of clear in-store messaging. Floor signs put these protocols right in the line of vision at store entrances or at checkout. Easy portability allows store owners to move these as regulations come and go and as their in-store arrangements adapt. 

Use Cases For Signage

  • Social distancing notices
  • Mask requirement notices
  • Limited entry notices
  • Retail Store Sale Signage
  • Retail Store Up-sell Signage
  • Retail Store Cross-sell Signage
  • Airport Wayfinding Signage
  • Public Facility Directional Signage
  • Variations

    Many of our sign frames include the following variations:

    Sign Frame Colors Black, polished chrome, polished brass, satin chrome, and satin brass
    Sign Frame Materials Steel or plastic.
    Sign Topper Types Retractable belt barrier compatible, classic stanchion post compatible, free-standing, and. more.