6 Ideas To Help You With Traffic Management

Traffic Management Ideas

Let’s have a chat about traffic.

Not the band with Steve Winwood or the movie that won Steven Soderbergh an Oscar - no, the type of traffic you endure while you sit in that vehicle of yours. If you’re in a position where you have to monitor or control the flow of traffic - around a work site, for example - this flow will be one of your main concerns.

So, what do you need to know right off the bat to make sure that you can effectively control the traffic around the area that you’re supposed to manage?

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  • Study the area - Before you ever get started on the planning, it’s essential that you get a good grasp on the task that’s ahead. Coordinate with the local authorities to determine what sort of support they may be able to provide. Study the area; get a grasp of just how many vehicles pass through the area, and what kind of traffic patterns develop on a regular basis.

  • Use safety cones - The traditional orange safety cones work for a very specific reason. Everyone knows them, and knows just what they can do. If you need to reroute cars around a specific area for your traffic or work project, for example, a carefully designed and planned rerouting with those safety cones can work wonders. However, these type of cones demand careful and studied usage. Be sure to measure out exactly what you need and get the right sort of supplies for your usage. For example there’s a big difference between a commander traffic barrel, a delineator, and a navicade channelizer. Different products for different safety measures.

  • Use safety barriers - Another option is to deploy safety barriers or barricades around your worksite or area that needs to be blocked off. A good example of this is the Telespar Type III Steel Traffic Barricade. These barriers can route vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic, and also serve as another measure of safety in case any type of accident might take place.

  • Make sure the area has excellent lighting - It is incredibly vital to make sure that the area you manage is well-lit. Consider this barricade traffic light. By doing that, the traffic - both by foot and by vehicle - will have the necessary amount of visibility to keep safe

  • Ensure that there’s a safe walkway for pedestrians or driveway for vehicles - If the area where you are managing the traffic will include pedestrians walking around, near - or through - it is imperative that you develop safe routes and walkways for these people to pass through. This construction mat should do the trick. Alongside that, it is also vital that with the safe walkways there should be effective markings and signage to indicate where these passages are.

  • Try to avoid making the area too difficult to navigate in - The best methods of traffic management are the ones with the least amount of obstacles for the divers. For example - try to make sure that the drivers don’t have to back up or to take sharp turns within the area that you manage, and that the routes are as direct as possible.

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