Should you be using plastic post chain stanchions instead of traditional stanchions?

Should you be using plastic post chain stanchions instead of traditional stanchions?

Stanchions are excellent crowd control tools for venues with visitors coming in and out on a daily basis, but there are many occasions which call for a solution that's even more impermanent, cost effective, and easy to set up or tear down. In situations like these, plastic post and chain stanchions may very well be a better choice for simple crowd control.

Let's examine Austin Texas' SXSW festival for example. Every year almost half a million visitors come to Austin for the conferences, and local downtown businesses pause or alter their ordinary operations to accommodate pop up exhibits, open-houses, and special events. While this may sound like a lot of work for at single event, some businesses report making up to 50% of their entire annual income in that two week span alone. 

Not every city has such a unique, transformative event like SXSW, but many venues have seasonal or annual events which require this same kind of temporary transformation. These are the situations where plastic post and chain stanchions may be more useful than traditional alternatives.  

Plastic Post & Chain Stanchion Benefits

Plastic Post & Chain Stanchion
  • The simple plastic design makes these stanchions low cost crowd control options. Here you can see options available for less than $20 for example.
  • Plastic post and chain stanchions are lighter than traditional stanchions. This makes them very easy to set up and tear down, or even to store.  
  • Plastic stanchions come in a variety of colors which makes them suitable for wide variety of events. Yellow stanchions for instance can be used in traffic or construction settings where high visibility is needed. Black on the other hand can easily cooperate with even VIP events. 
  • Many plastic posts have fillable bases which can easily add stability to these lightweight stanchions.
CCW Lightweight Plastic Stanchion

Plastic Post & Chain Use Cases

  • Plastic post and chain stanchions can be especially useful for outdoor weddings.
  • Because they're easy to move, these plastic stanchions can be useful to block off areas that are being cleaned or renovated. 
  • Car dealerships, shopping malls, or other retail spaces may use these lightweight stanchions to subtly block access to exhibits. 
  • Just like the SXSW example, many businesses have open houses or special events which may require temporary stanchions like these.

The simple plastic design with hollow base makes this plastic stanchion lighter weight than ordinary stanchions and lower cost. This makes them an excellent solution for temporary crowd control needs which may change from day to day. They can be easily moved from place to place and easily stored as well. 

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