How to Minimize Replacement Costs with Safety Stanchions that Last

How to Minimize Replacement Costs with Safety Stanchions that Last

In the United States alone, there are 18,741 operational warehouses, and that number grows every year. There are 11,200 active construction sites, 2,072 manufacturing facilities, and 264 mail distribution centers.

But what do all these facilities have in common? All of these industries have higher than average accident rates and must spend a significant amount of money on safety equipment. Goods-producing industries can spend up to three times more than other industries when it comes to per-person safety equipment expenses. With domestic steel prices rising more than 160% since last August, the necessary safety equipment can be prohibitively expensive, and yet a requirement in many cases. 

These industries can mitigate high costs by purchasing safety equipment that's designed to last longer than standard alternatives. 

What makes a stanchion more durable and long lasting?

There are many ways a standard crowd control stanchion can be engineered for more longevity and this can be applied to every aspect, from "head to toe", or in this case, from belts to bases.

What makes a stanchion belt last longer?

Long Lasting Stanchion Belts

Most retractable belt barrier stanchions include the same kind of herring bone weave and mixed fiber construction, but there are a few variations which can help them last longer, or minimize the quantity needed.

  • Belts which include belt braking technology help minimize damage when belts are retracted back into the canister. 
  • Belts which include extra length can minimize the amount of overall stanchions needed for large areas.
  • The mechanisms which retract the belt can be made with stainless steel to make them more durable against inclement weather.
  • Belts can be treated with a weather-resistant spray to help them sustain inclement weather.

What makes a stanchion post last longer?

While most standard stanchions are made from steel, not all steel is created equally. Stanchions like these can be treated to improve their durability against inclement weather. 

Weather Resistant Stanchion

What makes a stanchion base last longer?

There are a variety of stanchion base types which contribute to longevity in different ways. For instance, some bases can withstand inclement weather and will last longer outdoors. Other stanchion bases are optimized for tolerating impact and might last longer in high traffic areas. Here are some of the stanchion base options and their benefits for durability.

Cast Iron Stanchion Base

  •  Stanchions with rubber bases like these perform well in inclement weather. (The rubber is also designed in a sloped way to withstand the impact from tires. This also helps the stanchions to last in tough, high-traffic areas.)
  • Stanchions with cast iron bases like these perform well in high-traffic areas where the chance of impact is high. The additional stability also means these stanchions are less likely to be toppled over, which can cause damage to the stanchion post. 

When you are selecting a safety stanchion for a tough environment, you can consider these stanchion types and how they may cater to your industries particular stressors. If your industry has active crowds and high traffic levels, a stanchion with a cast iron base can help minimize your replacement frequency and keep costs low. If you have more stressors from inclement weather on the other hand, a safety stanchion with a rubber base may be more helpful. If your industry includes considerations not mentioned here, reach out to our sales team at for help choosing the right type of stanchion.

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