What are barricade covers used for, and are you missing out by using barricades without them?

What are barricade covers used for, and are you missing out by using barricades without them?

Many steel barricades for sale are advertised as cost-efficient and effective crowd control tools, but an increasing number of customers have discovered a clever way to turn these crowd control barriers into marketing tools as well with the help of simple barricade covers. 

What are barricade covers used for?

Maybe this is the first time you've thought about what a barricade cover is, let alone how it could be used for marketing, so let's start with some basic information about barricade jacket covers and their common uses.

Barricade covers are lightweight jackets which slip easily over a standard steel barricade and display custom advertisements, logos, or simply branding colors to make crowd control barriers more attractive, or to make use of the barrier space.

Barricade covers for marketing...

If you think about it, a crowd control barrier using 25 standard steel barricades creates 212.5 feet of advertising space (or 425 feet if both sides are used). You can think of this like a very long billboard positioned exactly where large masses of people will be spending time, and directly at their eye level. This is especially useful in any occasion where steel barricades are being used to create waiting lines. In situations like these, crowds of people will be spending concentrated blocks of time exposed to the marketing messages directly in front of them on barricade jacket covers.

For community events operating on a tight budget, this can be a crucial way to prominently feature event sponsors, or even sell advertising space for additional revenue. You may have been to a sports event, community marathon, or 5K for example where the event boundaries include barricades with jacket covers displaying the logos of each sponsor. 

Here are similar venues which might make use of these barricade jacket covers for marketing and advertising purposes:

  • Theme parks
  • County fairs
  • University sporting events
  • Job fairs
  • Marathons and other community races
  • Farmer's markets
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Festivals

Barricade covers for custom messaging...

Of course, there are other ways to take advantage of the ~400 feet of visible space created by barricade barriers. During the 2020/2021 pandemic for example, event coordinators had the difficult challenge of promoting safe social-distancing wherever large groups were gathered. This required clear and frequent messaging to remind pedestrians to maintain 6 foot distances from one another. This kind of crowd management is nearly impossible without frequent signage. 

Barricade jacket covers are most commonly customized with either brand or marketing messages like we discussed before, or with other important messages for managing crowds. For instance you may see barricade covers with "No Parking" or "No Entry" written on them. This helps keep crowds under control.

Barricade covers for general aesthetics...

Of course, not all barricade covers are printed with custom messages or branding on them. Some customers order solid color barricade jacket covers simply to cover up the industrial looking steel barricades and make them more attractive for events like job fairs and conferences. Some of these venues are in large our outdoor spaces where steel barricades may still be the most economical and effective crowd control barrier method, but where appearance is still important. 

Imagine for instance a large corporate event held in a large event space or outdoor venue. It may not be practical in these settings to use retractable belt barriers or classic stanchion posts which are not well suited for uneven surfaces. These methods may also be less durable in outdoor settings, or may simply become too expensive when large spaces must be covered with crowd control barriers. 

In these cases, event planners may opt for standard steel barricades which are heavy-duty, inexpensive, and can even be weather-proof. But they may add inexpensive barricade covers to match branding colors or simply conceal the more industrial-looking steel barriers with something more attractive. 


Barricade Jacket Cover Benefits:

The fact is, because barricade jacket covers can be so easily customized with any imagery, messaging, or colors necessary, they allow for limitless aesthetic control with little additional cost. 

If you'd like to customize a barricade cover for your own steel barricades, you can begin the process by clicking here to make a purchase.

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