Steel Barricade Jacket Covers

Many customers choose to use barricade covers to conceal steel barricades for a more intentional or attractive aesthetic. Other customers choose custom barricade covers to fortify their branding or provide advertising opportunities. Hand-made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl, barricade jacket covers are sewn specifically to fit our standard barricade sizes. Customize the color, text, logo or messaging on your barricade jacket.
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Steel Barricade Jacket Covers

Barricade Jacket Cover Features and Frequently Asked Questions

Barricade jacket covers help protect or conceal steel barricades. Here are some of the features and benefits which make these a popular choice for our customers:

Barricade Jacket Cover Features

Full Coverage: Barricade jackets provider nearly full coverage for steel barricades, protecting them from rain as well as concealing the steel barricade.

Durability: Even custom barricade jackets are made with high-durability vinyl, resistant against rips and tears.

Velcro Wraps: Barricade jacket covers like ours include wide velcro wraps for easy installation.

Custom Colors: Barricade jacket covers come in custom colors to allow customers a more attractive barrier than the simple, industrial steel. 

Custom Graphics or Messaging: In addition to custom colors, barricade jackets can be customized with custom branding, sponsor logos, advertising, or any other custom messaging. This makes them useful for special events and can even increase an event's opportunities for advertising or branding. 

Compatibility: Customers should note that not all jacket covers will fit properly or snugly over just any barricade. For instance our barricade jacket covers are only guaranteed to be compatible with CCW 8-8.5ft barricades. This is a common barricade size, however.

Barricade Jacket Cover Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are barricade jacket covers universally compatible?
A: No, barricade jacket covers are not universally compatible and should be ordered to match specific barricade sizes.

Q: What colors are barricade jackets available in?
A: Barricade jackets can be custom ordered in any color you want, though standard colors are available directly on our site as well.  

Q: Are barricade jacket covers durable in all weather?
A: Barricade jacket covers are made of heavy-duty vinyl which makes them fairly weather resistant. 

Q: How are barricade jackets installed?
A: Barricade jackets have velcro which allows them to be easily secured around the steel barricade and easily removed as well.