How to Choose the Right Style of Stanchion Post

How to Choose the Right Style of Stanchion Post

With a tradition of free admission, Washington DC's Smithsonian museums are a special experience for students and tourists alike, attracting 22 million such visitors in 2019. This may seem like a shockingly high number, but this is spread across the 20 museums included in the "Smithsonian" list. The Louvre on the other hand, with its single location, brought in almost half that on its own with 9.6 million visitors in 2019, making it the most visited museum in the world.

With so many visitors coming in and out every single day, one has to wonder how these museums manage to control crowds without interrupting the museum aesthetic. After all, art museums can spend anywhere from $75-$200 per square foot on an exhibit site, (not including the cost of the artifacts themselves).  This includes such things as lighting elements, structural elements, museum stanchions, and more.

Furthermore, Mark Walhimer of further articulated how much the interior design itself costs, stating:

"Most design firms charge 20%-25% of the exhibition budget for design fees, i.e. “a 10,000 square foot science center is $300 per square foot times 10,000 sq. ft. for an exhibition budget of $3,000,000, 20% of the budget would be design fees ($600,000)”."

With so much expense and attention devoted to creating the right aesthetic for an exhibit, it's important for museum stanchions to cooperate with the interior design as well.

How to Choose the Right Style of Stanchion Post

Stanchion posts with velvet ropes are common crowd control tools for elegant environments like museums, theaters, and art galleries because they are available in a wide variety of post finishes and with a variety of velvet rope colors which can be customized to perfectly match meticulous interior design plans.

When shopping for the right museum stanchion, site furnishing experts should pay attention to the following features and variations.

 Like most crowd control products, classic stanchion posts are fairly easy to customize beyond just the features outlined above. If there is a custom style of stanchion post or rope you'd like to purchase for your venue which you don't see here, reach out to our sales team here for just the right stanchion style:

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