Grid Style Bike Racks

Bike Rack Buying Guide
Grid style bike locks allow you to serve the bicyclists in your community with an efficient, and easy-to-install solution that doubles as a barrier for traffic or crowd control. Bicycle parking solutions like these are more and more important as bicycling becomes more common across American cities.
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Grid Style Bike Racks

Grid Style Commercial Bike Racks For Sale

Since 2003, bicycles have been out-selling cars each year in America, with more than 100 million Americans riding bicycles. Many of these bicyclists depend on their bikes for transportation and work commutes. For this reason, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses and facilities of every kind to install bike racks for parking in their parking lots.

The Importance of Bike Locking Options

Unfortunately, some studies say that roughly half of all bicyclists eventually experience bike theft. And of the thousands of bikes stolen each year, only about 2 and a half percent of them are ever recovered and returned to their owners.

One of the few ways to prevent this rampant problem is to ensure sufficient bike locking and bike parking is provided with commercial bike racks installed in every parking lot. Sturdy but easy-to-install bike rack designs like the Grid style bike rack are among the easiest solutions for public facilities looking to serve their bicycling customers. Bicycle racks like these double as barricades, helping you further manage crowds, cards, or pedestrians in walkways, parking lots, or parks. This makes the grid style bicycle rack one of the most efficient options available.

Where should grid style bike racks and other bike racks be installed?

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Schools
  • Libraries

  • Grid Style Bike Racks

    Capacity Our grid style bike racks include options for up to 18-bike capacities.
    Mounting Styles Our grid style bike rack collection includes convenient surface mounting.
    Colors Our bike rack collection includes more than a dozen color options and 3 finish types.

    Additional Bike Rack Features

    Durability Many of our bike racks are constructed with galvanized or powder coated steel for optimum durability.
    Barricade Use Many people use bike racks to double as barriers or barricades.