Loop Style Bike Racks

Bike Rack Buying Guide
Just as your commercial or residential property needs a parking lot for those arriving by car, it’s equally important to provide the bike racks customers need to securely park their bicycles. Cyclists who come and go from your business count on commercial grade bike racks that can endure the wear and tear of daily bicycle parking. At the same time, we understand that you need a bicycle parking solution that’s affordable. Our bike rack collection includes multiple bike rack styles, like this loop style bike rack.
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Loop Style Bike Racks

Loop Style Commercial Bike Racks For Sale

Our collection of commercial bike racks includes a wide variety of durable bicycle parking solutions for any parking lot or commercial space, including this convenient, loop style bike rack. Just as customers or residents expect a parking solution for their cars, so too will bicycle commuters expect a safe parking solution for their bicycles.

Safe Parking For Bicyclists

Over 2 million bikes are stolen in North America every year with less than 5% of them ever making it back to their owners. Some say that a bicycle is stolen in North America once every 30 seconds. You might remember a cheap, $100 bicycle you owned as a kid, now collecting dust in a garage somewhere. But the truth is more and more Americans are becoming bicycle commuters, relying on high value bicycles for their commutes to and from work. From 1990 to 2017 for example, Chicago’s bike commuting rose 503.7%. This means in 2017 Chicago’s bicycle commuter count rose to an estimate 22,520 bicyclists.

While your old childhood bicycle may have only cost $100 or less, Chicago bicycle commuters are likely spending two, three, or four times that price for reliable commuter bicycles. With all these statistics in mind, imagine how many bicyclists in your city are looking for safe commercial bike parking to securely lock up their commuter bikes everywhere they go.

Loop Style Bike Rack Benefits

When selecting a commercial bike lock for a parking lot, apartment complex, or other public space, you may not need anything more than a simple U-Loop bike rack. In fact these U-Loop bike racks are the most common as well as the most convenient bike racks, accommodating bike locks of all kinds, even optimum-security U-locks. While other bike rack designs may be difficult to fit the compact U-Lock around, or may only accommodate tire and wheel locking positions, a single U-Loop bike rack easily accommodates two bikes to lock against it, each with their own locks secured to the bicycle’s frame. This style of bike rack may be simple, but it is the most flexible and even the most reliable, with a thick post that cannot be easily manipulated.

If space does not permit multiple U-Loop bike racks or if your setting requires a barricade bike rack option instead, there are indeed barricade bike racks which also use the loop style for securely locking up bicycles. This is a more space efficient alternative to the standard U-Loop bike rack mentioned above.

Use Loop Style Bike Racks For...

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Loop Style Bike Rack Types

  • Loop Style Bike Racks which can double as barricades
  • Circle Metal Bike Rack
  • V-Style Bike Rack
  • Horseshoe Bike Rack
  • Loop Style Bike Racks

    Capacity Our loop style bike racks include options for 2-bike to 20-bike capacities.
    Mounting Styles Our collection includes inground and surface mount bike backs.
    Colors Our bike rack collection includes more than a dozen color options and 3 finish types.

    Additional Bike Rack Features

    Durability Many of our bike racks are constructed with galvanized or powder coated steel for optimum durability.
    Barricade Use Many people use bike racks to double as barriers or barricades.