The Barricade Buying Guide

Metal Barricade Buying Guide
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Whether you work in construction, government or entertainment, purchasing barricades requires some familiarity with barricade features and variations. While barricades seem standard, certain features make more or less sense depending on your specific crowd control experience. Do you need barricades that will survive outdoor weather and hard rain? Will they need to be sturdy on uneven ground? Will the crowd need an access point through the barricades? Will these barricades be permanently fixed, or will they have to be moved and stored? These are key considerations when comparing the different barricades for sale.

Here are some things to keep in mind ahead of buying steel barricades:

  • Barricade Types: Metal barricades are categorized by the exterior coating and feet design.
  • Barricade Compatibility: Barricades are built to last. When you need to buy more barricades, you must consider features for compatibility. Variations in welding and hooks, the number of barricades you need, and barricade durability indicate compatibility.
  • Barricade Extras: Find out about additions and compatible products to your barricades. Storage, swing gates and jacket covers may be necessary for your particular event.
  • Use Cases: Learn more about the many ways barricades can be used in your industry so you can get the most out of your purchase. 

Barricade Types

Quick Guide to Barricades 

Hot Dipped Galvanized
This is when barricades are dipped in hot zinc coating after they have been fully constructed and assembled, creating a rust-proof seal. 
Hot dipped galvanized barricades are extremely durable and are the best choice for use outdoors, where they can withstand harsh weather conditions for an extended period of time without rusting.
Barricades that are coated with a lighter galvanization layer before full assembly, leaving joints un-sealed.
Pre-galvanized barricades are more suitable for short-term indoor use, where they are less susceptible to rusting.
Powder Coated Powder coating spreads a smooth layer of pigment, fully coating the barricades in color coatings with more durability than standard paint. Powder coating adds customization, where the barricade can have extra visibility and aesthetic coordination for special events, while also contributing to weather-resistance and durability.

Bridge Feet (see below)

Bridge feet are removable and shaped like a bridge. A bridge feet pair comes with a large bridge foot and a small bridge foot for increased stability.
These are typically used on uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel and slight hills or inclines.
Flat Feet (see below)
Flat feet are removable and made to lay flush to the ground, minimizing space and tripping hazards.
These are often used indoors or on flat surfaces such as concrete.
Fixed Feet (see below)
Fixed feet are attached to the barricade. No assembly required.
These barricades are versatile and can be used on any surface, flat or uneven.


Barricade Feet

Bridge Feet 

Barricade Feet

Bridge feet are removable from the barricade frame for easy storage when the frames are laid flat. Bridge feet "pairs" come with one large bridge foot and one small bridge foot. The large and small feet allow for barricades to be set up perpendicular, creating a corner so the feet can overlap without obstacle. Bridge feet are recommended to increase stability and sturdiness, and when using barricades on uneven or inclined surfaces.

Bridge feet attach to a barricade using 1/4"-20 hardware. You can find these nuts and bolts at most hardware stores.


  • Wide-stance provides extra stability on hills and uneven surfaces
  • Feet can be easily disassembled for easy transportation and storage


  • Feet do not come attached; must be assembled before use

Shop Bridge Feet Barricades


    Flat Feet 

    Flat Feet Pairs

    Flat feet are recommended on flat, even surfaces. They can be bolted to the ground for a more permanent fixture. Flat feet "pairs" come with two identical feet.

    Flat feet attach to a barricade using 1/4"-20 hardware. You can find these nuts and bolts at most hardware stores. 


    • Easily drilled into surfaces for a permanent fixture
    • Feet can be easily disassembled for easy transportation and storage
    • Take up less surface area than bridge feet, reducing tripping hazards


      • Less stability on uneven surfaces
      • Feet do not come attached; must be assembled before use

      Shop Flat Feet Barricades


        Fixed Feet

        Fixed FeetFixed feet barricades are recommended to minimize assembly effort. Barricades with fixed feet come with the feet already attached, so set-up is quick and easy.


        • Feet come attached; no need to assemble
        • Stackable for large quantities


          • Cannot replace damaged feet; entire barricade must be fixed or replaced 
          • Frames do not lie flat in storage

          Shop Fixed Feet Barricades


            Barricade Features

            What are other important features to consider when buying a barricade?

            Welding type and hook variations should also be considered during the buying process.

            Screen Shot 2019
            Full Circumference Weld - Each pipe on a barricade is welded all the way around the pipe connections, ensuring it is sealed as tightly as possible to the frame. 
            Screen Shot 2019
            Saddle Weld - When a pipe is cut (often called a saddle cut) to fit exactly within the frame, and then welded together for a more precise and secure connection.
            Screen Shot 2019
            Interlocking Hooks - Hooks on the sides of barricades that can easily slide in and interlock with other compatible barricades. You can figure out if your barricades are compatible using the diagram below (see Barricade Compatibility).


            Barricade Compatibility

            How do you know if your metal barricade is compatible?

            Barricades are extremely long-lasting products. Because of this, customers often wonder if their old barricades will be compatible with their new purchase. While it is no guarantee that a barricade will match perfectly, there are a few key things to look for when determining compatibility. See below measurements to ensure you are purchasing a compatible barricade. 

            Steel Barricade Measurements


            If A, B and C for the new barricade have roughly the same measurements to your old barricade, then the barricades have interlocking compatibility.

            For example, here are the measurements you may want for our classic steel barricades.

            Classic Steel Barricade Measurements


            Barricade Extras

            Thinking about an easier way to move your barricades? What about adding a gate that people can walk through? Or maybe you need a new way to promote your brand and your current barricades just won't cut it. With add-ons and extras such as carts, gates and jackets, you not only have more functional options but you can add personalized style and design as well. 

            Barricade Buying Guide
            Barricade Carts are used for transporting and storing barricades. Each cart fits roughly 24-30 barricades, saving time and space.
            Barricade Buying Guide
            Swinging Gates are openings within a series of connected barricades. These gate openings are hooked on to an existing barricade and swing open and closed on a set of wheels, allowing ease of movement.
            Screen Shot 2019
            Barricade Jackets are custom printed covers that fit over the frame of the barricade. Made of heavy-duty material, these covers will last in extreme weather conditions and also offer a variety of colors, styles, fonts and imagery for your individual branding needs.


            Use Cases & Industry Applications

            Oftentimes industries and organizations seek barricades for a single event. While it may seem easier to rent barricades for temporary use, it is much more cost-effective to purchase them outright and have barricades accessible and on hand for a variety of different events and functions. 

            In the chart below, we list a number of examples and use cases based on customer data.

             Industry  Examples
             Public Events
            • Street Fairs
            • Parades
            • Parks and Recreation
            • Art Walks
            • Age-Restricted Areas (i.e. Alcohol Purchases)
            • Staff Only Areas
            • Graduation
            • Social Distancing
            • Sporting Events
            • Playgrounds
            • Fundraisers
            • Queuing & Social Distancing 
            • Store Openings
            • Parking Lots
            • Special Events & Sales (i.e. Black Friday)
            • Branded Barricade Jackets
            Government & Public Works
            • Police & Fire Department
            • Construction Zones
            • Driving Practice & Exams
            • Traffic Flow
            • Outdoor Queuing
            • Parking Lots
            • Janitorial & Operational Areas


            Purchase Metal Barricades

            We hope this comprehensive guide helps you find the barricade you need. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for additional guidance. Email us at or message us via live chat in the bottom right corner for a quote.

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