Barricade in a Box™ 2.0, 2-Piece Lightweight Hot Dipped Steel, 8.5 Ft. - Angry Bull Barricades


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  • 8.5 Ft. Interlocking Barricade
  • Powder-Coated Gray, Marine Grade Steel
  • Currently available with Flat Feet
  • Heavy Duty for Durability
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Product Overview

2 Piece Frame Interlocking Steel Barrier - Barricade in a Box 2.0

Our 8.5 ft Steel Barricades are an industry standard for outdoor crowd control. Manufactured from steel providing superior weather protection and permanent outdoor storage. Our barricades interlock using a simple hooking mechanism to prevent one barrier from being removed in a line of continuous barriers. Equipped with your choice of available removable feet; Flat feet (ideal for level surfaces and to keep tripping hazards to a minimum). 


  • (1) 8.5 ft 2 Piece Interlocking Steel Barricade in Hot Dipped Galvanized or Black Powder Coated in a prepackaged box for resale


  • Warranty: 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty against defective material or workmanship
  • Item ships on a standard 48"x48" pallet
  • Save space and easily store your barricades when disassembled

Flat Barricade feet have holes with 3/4" inner diameter for wickets or screws to secure to the ground.

Technical Specifications

 Height  44"
 Length  8'6"
 Width  26" (flat feet)
 Weight  35 pounds
 Steel Thickness  18 gauge
 Outer Tube Diameter  1 ½”
 Inner Tube Diameter  ½”
 Feet Style  Choose either Bridge OR Flat feet— Although they are interchangeable, you must select an option of one or the other for each order of a barricade.
 Material  Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel

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  • Height: 44”
  • Length: 8'6"
  • Frame Tube Diameter: 1.5”
  • Vertical Base Diameter: 5/8”
  • Weight: 44lbs


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