Traffic Safety Barricade Guide

When a work space is shared by workers, pedestrians, equipment, and vehicles, high visibility, durable traffic barricades can provide the signals and protection you need to ensure everyone can move through your work zone safely. Whether you're managing a construction site, airport, or roadway project, you'll need to make sure you have the correct barricades to suite your site's unique needs and meet safety regulations. For roadways the primary safety regulation is typically the MUTCD. For airports, the primary safety regulation is typically the FAA.


What are the differences between Barricades?


Barricade Type Features
Type I Barricade

Type I Barricade

Type I barricades are foldable barricades with a single, reflective bar made of either plastic or metal across the top. Type I barricades are typically used on low speed, conventional roads or in urban areas. Multiple barricades can be used together as channelizers.

Type II Barricade

Type II Barricade

Type II barricades are foldable barricades with two reflective bars made of either plastic or metal. Type II barricades can be used in high speed traffic zones where vehicles travel through work zones. Multiple barricades can be used together as channelizes.

Type III Metal Traffic Barricade

Type III Barricade

Type III barricades have three reflective bars made of either plastic or metal. These large barricades are used to completely or partially close roadways. The barricades can be placed completely across a roadway or from curb to curb. Detour and Road Closed signage can be placed on these barricades.

A-Frame Traffic Barricade

A-Frame Barricade

A-frame barricades are typically easy to move and deploy, making them ideal for emergency or temporary situations. They are most commonly used for pedestrian control in secure or hazardous areas. Police barricades are typically A-Frames.

Orange Pedestrian Barricade for traffic control

Plastic Pedestrian Barricade

These portable barricades create sturdy, high visibility barriers between pedestrians and work zones. They can also be used for basic crowd control at events. This type of barricade comes in ADA compliant options.

<a " title="Orange metal barricades for sale">Orange Interlocking Steel Barricade for traffic control

Interlocking Steel Barricade

These interlocking, portable barricades are low maintenance and can be efficiently stored. They can guide pedestrians and workers through long stretches of construction. They are also commonly used for crowd control at large events and areas with high levels of foot traffic.

Plastic Jersey Barrier, water or sand fillable

Plastic Jersey Barrier

These durable plastic barriers can be ballasted by filling with water or sand. Guide vehicles or pedestrians through long stretches of construction on roadways. Almost all of these barricades are required to meet certain safety standards and undergo regulatory mash testing. IIN addition to protecting workers, these barricades can also provide privacy when combined with chain link fencing. Typical Accessories include lights and reflective tape to increase visibility.

Low Profile Airport Barricade

Low-Profile Airport Barrier

These durable plastic barricades are typically used to warn pilots and ground crews of construction work on tarmacs or runways. Workers can easily step over them as needed while they act as a strong visual for pilots in taxiing airplanes.

The FAA will typically require these barricades be paired with hazard lights for nighttime and poor weather visibility. Flags are also common safety accessories for improved daytime visibility.

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