Expandable Barricade - Plastic

Expanding length plastic barricade barriers for portable and versatile crowd control. Expanding plastic barriers are easily stored in compact areas and moved into place for use in variable length applications. The expanding length barricades come with a water fillable option for additional stability.
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Expandable Barricade - Plastic

Expandable plastic barricades are made from highly-durable lightweight non-rust polyethylene. Maintenance-free for all environments. These barricades are ideal for cleaning areas or danger zones that require repeated closing and opening, or when the intended barrier area is of variable length.

The FlexMaster 11 ft. expanding barricade and the Xpandit 11.5 ft. expanding barricade come in high visibility safety yellow and black.

The Flexmaster 7.5 ft and the Multi-Gate 7.5 ft expanding length barricades come in high visibility red with reflective stripe. They are water-fillable for extra stability.

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