Rolling Crowd Control Options

When are rolling crowd control options necessary?

Our crowd control collection includes a number of wheeled and rolling barriers and stanchions when something quickly movable is needed. For example when large events are hosted in multi-use spaces, sometimes the stanchions, barricades, and barriers need to be quickly wheeled in and out of place. Rolling crowd control options make this convenient and also help prevent floor damage from attempting to slide a standard barrier in and out of place. In most cases, the wheels can be locked into place so that the barrier no longer slides around when it's in position.

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Rolling Crowd Control Options

Rolling Crowd Control Varieties

Rolling Barricade Options

Roller Barricade Feet: Our collection includes roller barricade feet which can be used in place of removable flat or bridge feet when barricades must be easily moved across flat surfaces. 

Swinging Barricade Gate: If the steel barricade barrier is going to be mostly stationary, but a gate is needed for easily entering and exiting the barrier, a swinging barricade gate with wheels is useful instead. 

Rolling Stanchion Options

Retractable Belt Barrier with Roller Base: Many of our retractable belt barrier stanchions are available with rolling, wheeled bases to accommodate easily moving stanchions in and out of place. This includes rolling base safety stanchions, rolling base double belt stanchions, and extra-length retractable belt barrier stanchions with rolling base.

Rolling Crowd Control - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are dual belt stanchions ADA compliant?
A: Yes - the second belt on these stanchions is the recommended proximity to the floor which helps them achieve ADA compliance. 

Q: Can you attach signs to the top of rolling stanchions?
A: Yes, these stanchion sign toppers are compatible with most retractable crowd control barriers.

Q: Does each stanchion post have its own retractable belts?
A: Yes - Unlike post and rope stanchions which come in individual pieces, with retracting stanchions like these, each stanchion comes with both retracting belts already fitted in place.

Q: Are the belts all the same, standard size?
A: Our collection includes some extra-length belts for those who need belts longer than 11 or 12 feet. 

Q: Can I get belts in different colors?
A: Yes - our belts are very customizable with a large variety of available colors as well as an option for custom messaging. You can ask our sales team about this using our custom belt request form

To learn more about these dual belt stanchions, contact our sales team at (866) 333-6534, Mon-Fri 7AM to 6PM CST