Retractable Belt Barriers - Fixed & Removable

Fixed and removable floor mount retractable belt barrier stanchions are designed for high traffic environments where a durable long-term stanchion is required. Fixed floor mount barriers are permanently fixed into the floor socket, removable floor mounts are a semi-permanent option where the stanchion post can be easily removed and re-inserted into the same socket.

Offered in a variety of custom finishes, 65 stock belt colors and safety messages available to match any decor.  Manufactured from 0.55 gauge steel, our posts are designed for maximum durability and long service life. Offered with the same heavy duty constructed steel design and woven nylon belt as our classic portable posts but with more stability for queue management patterns that do not change frequently. Each belt cassette is fitted with a belt lock and slow retraction braking to ensure a smooth belt retraction. The universal receiver splines will accept belt ends of all major brands.

Typical applications include airports, retail stores, concert venues, theaters, and stadiums. With no heavy base to transport, simple remove the lightweight posts, clean the area and re-inserts the posts back into the sockets. Eliminate tripping hazards when space is limited while providing adequate crowd management. Equipped with a build-in sign attachment to make signage as easy as placing on top of the post. Several finishes can be weatherized for outdoor applications protected from the elements.

Customize your belt with your companies name, logo or get an important message out with a phrase while customers are standing idle. 

Retractable Belt Barriers - Fixed & Removable
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