Leather Style Stanchion Ropes

What are Naugahyde ropes and what are they used for?

Leather is a popular stanchion rope style in VIP lounges, clubs, or other high profile venues. Naugahyde is a leather alternative that's typically animal-free but looks quite similar to leather. Ropes like this have firm, foam cores which allow for the same elegant draping effect seen with velvet ropes. 

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Leather Style Stanchion Ropes

Frequently Asked Questions: Leather and Leather Alternative Rope Barriers

Q: What is Naugahyde?
A: Naugahyde is an artificial leather alternative that's typically animal-free, made from fabric and rubber or vinyl coating.


Q: How many ropes come with an order?
A: Ropes are sold individually at this time.

Q: Can stanchion ropes be cut to size?
A: You should not cut your ropes to size. Instead, buy the specific size you need or contact us for help.

Q: How long are these hanging ropes?
A: Many of our ropes come in a variety of sizes, which you can select from the dropdown on the product page.

Q: Can ropes be purchased permanently attached to the post?
A: For optimum convenience, our ropes have snap ends which can clip them into place on any stanchion. They are not permanently affixed and you do not need to purchase any separate clips to fasten them to the stanchion posts.