Recycled Plastic Bike Rack - 10 Bikes

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  • 6-10 bike capacity
  • Resinwood slats
  • 72"L x 4"H
  • 2 color options
  • Surface mount available
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Product Overview

The 10-Slot Bike Rack is designed to hold a maximum of 10 bikes, on both sides. The space between the racks measures 2’’, which maximizes capacity and allows for the most common bike locks on the market. This rack comes in two different colors, while custom colors are available for quantity orders.

Recycled Plastic Bike Rack - 10 Bikes


  • Made of 2’’ x 4’’ and 2’’ x 3’’ Resinwood slats
  • Designed to hold 6-10 bikes and can hold bikes on both sides
  • Space between slats measures 2’’
  • Heavy duty, zinc coated hardware
  • Custom colors available for quantity orders



  • Material: Resinwood
  • Size: 6 ft.
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Hardware: L-Bracket
  • Slat Color: Cedar or Green
  • Customizable? Slat color


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