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  • Connect all kit
  • Durable plastic material
  • Fits around bollard, pole or posts
  • Available in 11" or 17" circumference
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Product Overview

Take a look at the Mr.Chain Connect-All! Made with a flexible strap, this product will fit around any shape bollard, pole or post. Comes with two slide hooks that can be positioned 180 degrees or 90 degrees apart, to fit in with your requirements. Choose between two lengths and purchase this product on its own, or opt for the kit which contains 25’ of our 2’’ yellow plastic chain!



  • Made with a flexible strap
  • Fits around any shape bollard, pole, or post
  • Features two slide hooks that can be positioned 180 degrees apart to form a straight line, or 90 degrees apart to create a corner
  • Available in two lengths; small will fit up to an 11’’ circumference and the large will fit up to a 17’’ circumference
  • Available on its own or can be purchased in a kit which contains 25' of the 2" yellow plastic chain




  • Material: Plastic
  • Length: for 11’’ or 17’’ circumference
  • Color: Multiple available
  • Kit contains: 25’ of 2’’ yellow plastic chain


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