Dual Spring Stand For Rigid or Roll-Up Signs

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  • Compact storage
  • Telescoping legs
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Compatible with rigid or roll up (additional bracket) signs
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Product Overview

Our Dual Spring Stand For Rigid or Roll-Up Signs is NCHRP-350 approved and comes with brackets for mounting rigid signs. The rigid sign brackets will accommodate .080”, .100”, .125” aluminum signs, and 5/8” plywood signs and provide a bottom height of 18”. The dual springs at the bottom of the mast help keep the stand stable in windy conditions and the flag holder at the top of the mast holds 3 flags with handles up to 3/4” in diameter.

The legs of this stand are constructed of either powder coated steel or aluminum, and they feature kick release levers that allow you to push the lever with your foot to drop the leg into position. Each leg also has a three position height adjustment to help you level out the stand on uneven terrain. The stand with orange powder steel legs weighs 40 lbs. The stand with aluminum legs weighs 32 lbs.

This stand also supports rectangular and square signs when used with the rigid sign brackets. This stand meets MASH 2016 and NCHRP-350 tests and features a telescoping mast and flagholder for 3 flags.

Rigid brackets will support any rigid sign size. Roll-up brackets clamp to the horizontal fiberglass rib up to 1/4" thick, and will work with all roll-up sign types and sizes. View and compare sign stands.

 (1) 36 to 84″ Double Spring Traffic Sign Stand


  • Meets MUTCD specifications, NCHRP-350 approved.
  • Displays 36" and 48"rigid and roll-up signs.
  • Quick set-up and tear down with step release system for leg deployment.
  • Aluminum legs have two position height adjustments and anti-skid foot pads.
  • Features two heavy duty vertical coil springs for stability in strong winds.
  • This stand features foot-actuated leg releases with two locking positions for stability on uneven terrain.
  • Its telescopic aluminum mast allows roll-up and/or rigid signs to be displayed 18" off the ground.
  • Triple flagholder for 3/4" round flag staffs factory installed.

Caution: Users must comply with all legal restrictions for temporary warning signs in accordance with the manual on uniform traffic control devices and local requirements. Please consult local enforcement agency for compliance.

MUTCD Compliance

2009 Edition Part 6 Figure 6F-2. Methods of Mounting Signs Other Than on Posts

The fourth example shows an orange diamond-shaped sign with a black border and letters with the words "UTILITY WORK AHEAD" in three lines mounted on a vertical pole that is mounted on four horizontal supports. The distance from the bottom of the sign to the bottom of the supports is labeled as "1 ft MIN. above the traveled way." At the top of the sign, three orange flags are shown mounted equidistant apart from each other on short staffs that extend out from the top of the vertical pole at 45-degree angles.


How to open the legs on the sign stand

Set-Up Instructions for Rigid Signs:

  1. Release leg lock mechanism and lower legs to ground.
  2. Lift up on center upright until legs lock in place.
  3. Insert panel into upright holder until spring button snaps in place.

Set-Up Instructions for Roll Up Signs:

  1. Release leg lock mechanism and lower legs to ground.
  2. Lift up on center upright until legs lock in place.
  3. Remove center mast extension and insert the mast extension into the roll up bracket.
  4. Insert the center mast extension with the roll up bracket back into the center mast.
  5. Set the mast and roll up bracket to the desired height and insert horizontal rib of roll up into the bracket.

Take Down Instructions:

  1. Depress spring button and remove panel.
  2. Release leg lock mechanism and raise legs.
  3. Depress spring buttons and telescope legs.


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