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  • 6.5 Ft. and 8.5 Ft. Barricades
  • Pre-Galvanized Finish
  • Choose Flat or Bridge Feet
  • Lightweight for Easy Transport
  • MINIMUM OF 5 REQUIRED (Fee applies to orders of less than 5)
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Product Overview

Economy Barricade

*Minimum of 5 Required 

One of the most efficient barricades on the market, our Economy Steel Barricades are lightweight and easy to transport. At 6.5 and 8.5 feet long, these barricades will cover more ground than most other barricades on the market. Made from 18 gauge steel and galvanized before assembly, our Economy Steel Barricades are an excellent weather-resistant, low-cost barricade option. With their simple interlocking design, these barricades can easily be hooked to one another to create a long, continuous line of protection.  


Economy & Efficiency

The pre-galvanized steel creates a strong and smooth finish that is budget-friendly. Each barricade is made from 18-gauge steel and is light enough to be moved by one person. The main frame is composed of a 1.5-inch diameter steel tube and contains 21 upright barricade bars to provide adequate protection and security. 

Simple Interlocking Design

The interlocking design of all our economy steel barricades makes for a long line of protection. Each economy steel barricade comes equipped with two hooks and two loops that can easily be connected by dropping the hooks on one into the loops on another. Once these barricades are locked together, they can only be removed from end-to-end, helping prevent any disconnects in the middle of the line.

Flat Feet and Bridge Feet

All economy steel barricades are available with flat or bridge feet, each ideal for different environments. Flat feet are ideal for flat surfaces such as concrete and can be bolted to the ground for a more permanent fixture. Bridge feet are ideal for uneven surfaces such as grass, dirt, or sloped areas.


Product Benefits

  • Smooth, pre-galvanized finish
  • Lightweight; easy to carry and transport
  • No assembly required
  • Anti-trip, removable feet
  • Compatible with other barricade designs, Angry Bull Barricades can link together
  • 100% recyclable

Use Cases

  • Events (graduations, fundraisers)
  • Landscaping
  • Temporary walkways

Options & Accessories for 8.5 Foot Barricaade

Custom Jacket Covers

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, these custom printed jacket covers fit perfectly over the frame of the barricade and offer a variety of colors, styles, fonts and imagery for individual branding needs. All covers are waterproof and are easily attached with velcro straps.

Barricade Storage Carts

Easily transport and store barricades with a barricade storage cart. Each cart fits up to 30 economy steel barricades. Storage carts are made from powder-coated steel and can be stored indoors or outdoors.


Technical Specifications for 8.5 Foot Barricade

 Height  44"
 Length  8' 6"
 Width  26"
 Weight  34 pounds
 Steel Thickness  18 Gauge
 Outer Tube Diameter  1 ½”
 Inner Tube Diameter  5/8
 Feet Style  Flat or Bridge
 Material  Pre-Galvanized Steel


Technical Specifications for 6.5 Foot Barricade

 Height  44"
 Length  6' 5"
 Width  26"
 Weight  22 pounds
 Outer Tube Diameter  1 ½”
 Inner Tube Diameter  5/8
 Feet Style  Flat or Bridge
 Material  Pre-Galvanized Steel




  • Barricade Jacket Covers Pantone Colors
Jacket Color Pantone Color Code
Blue 2766C
Green 357C
Red 186C
Grey 429C
Green 355C
Orange 021C
Yellow 1355C
Purple 2645C
*Barricade Jackets: All custom items are “made to order” and orders are non-cancellable at any time once placed. Returns are not accepted on custom products or made to order items. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.
If attempt to cancel is made after products have shipped out or production of made to order items has commenced and cancellation is approved by Crowd Control Warehouse, customer will be responsible for all applicable restocking fees. Refunds are not available for non-compatibility with items not purchased from Crowd Control Warehouse. 

**If your product should arrive damaged, please follow the instructions on the packing slip included with your shipment to have the problem resolved.


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