Heavy Duty Jersey Barrier with Fencing Option - 42 in. H x 72 in. L x 24 in. W, 100-170 lbs

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  • Heavy weight jersey traffic barrier
  • Sand/water fillable for stability - 930 to 1,000 lbs with water
  • Fencing Included
  • Empty weight 100 - 170 lbs
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Product Overview

*Please note this item has a Minimum Order Quantity of 30 units*

This safety barrier barricade is a sturdy, heavy duty solution to high speed traffic or pedestrian control. Designed for outdoor use, this lightweight and portable barrier can be used in a variety of settings. Typical applications include construction zones, crowd control or vehicular channelization.  Easily deployable, simply add water or sand for added weight and stability. 

Add on fencing panels to increase privacy and security of work sites. The fencing panels are chain link laced all the way around a 1-3/8” frame. The 1-5/8” poles will be bundled and shipped with the pane, The frame and poles are assembled with purlin clamps (included).  

To purchase this barrier without fencing, please see here.  

    Jersey Barricade color availability - orange, white, yellow, tan, olive, and blue


      • Structurally sound
      • Lightweight
      • Durable
      • Drain plugs
      • Variety of colors
      • Screw-on fill caps and lids
      • Compatible with square bolt-on or round screw-in lights
      • Easily relocated
      • Lower labor costs
      • Impact resistant
      • Allows for application flexibility
      • UV and long-term fade resistant
      • Larger barriers accept fencing
      • Withstands harsh treatment during installation and relocation
      • Ballastable with water or sand
      • Pre-molded attachment areas for lights and flags
      • Long lasting visual appeal
      • Composed of recyclable material
      • Deployable by one or two people
      • Quick installation and removal
      • No heavy equipment needed, but forklift accessible
      • Uniform wall thickness with thicker corners and edges


      • Height: 42” / 1067 mm
      • Length: 72” / 1829 mm
      • Width: 24” / 610 mm
      • Wall Thickness:
                100: .250” / 6.35mm (avg.)
                130: .365” / 9.27mm (avg.)
                170: .440” / 11.18mm (avg.)

      Water Filling Specifications

      • Fill Line is 100 gallon of water  
      • Filled weight is 834 lbs + weight of barrier   
                100:   934 lbs
                130:   964 lbs
                170: 1,004 lbs
      • For freezing temperatures, add 4-6 oz. of calcium chloride per gallon of water


        • (1) 42” x 72” Jersey Barrier
        • (1) Fencing Panel with purlin clamps




          • Length: 72”
          • Height: 42”
          • Width: 24”
          • Weight Empty: 130 lbs
          • Weight Full: 964 lbs when filled with water
          • Composition: UV-Resistant Polyethylene


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