Magnetic Ring Plastic Carabiner Kit

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  • For use with plastic chains
  • Includes magnetic rings and caribiner
  • Ideal for temporary aisle or work area closure
  • Durable plastic material
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Product Overview

Are you looking for a way to quickly restrict access to machines? Check out the Mr. Chain Magnetic Ring Plastic Carabiner Kit. This kit includes magnetic safety chain brackets and plastic carabiner clips, which allows you to quickly hang chains between two metal objects. Get yours today and own the perfect solution for closing aisles between shelving units, between machinery, or use it as a visual warning for loading docks. Choose for yourself!

Magnetic Ring Plastic Carabiner Kit


  • Magnetic safety chain brackets and plastic carabiner clips which allow for quick hanging of a chain between two metal objects
  • Quickly restrict access to machines
  • Meets OSHA warning line systems requirement for a high-visibility warning system
  • Meets OSHA requirements for use as a visual warning device for loading docks
  • Ideal for closing the aisle between shelving units in warehouses, between machinery or as a visual warning for loading docks




  • Material: Plastic clips and magnetic chain brackets
  • Used for: Hanging chains between two metal objects
  • Color: Black
  • Customizable? No


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