Movit Interlocking Plastic Pedestrian Barricade, 6.5 Ft.

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  • Plastic pedestrian barricade
  • 6.5 Ft in length
  • Interlocking capability
  • Easy to use and set up
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Product Overview


An attractive and affordable steel barricade alternative, the Movit® barricade is the only barricade with stanchion compatibility, and its unique one-piece design and interlocking ends provide for a strong and durable crowd control experience. The Movit® barricade’s strengthened polypropylene formula is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and will never rust, chip, or scratch. The Movit® crowd control barricade's unique double sided locking mechanism even allows the unit to span uneven ground. These plastic barriers are lightweight and easy for work crews to handle and arrange. Yet at just under 26 Lbs, these traffic safety barricades can effectively handle crowds and lines. 

Presenting the first barricade on the market with stanchion compatibility! Compatible with most major brands, this feature enables the Movit barricade to interconnect with crowd control stanchions - enabling new safety configurations and maximizing the utility of each venue or facility's existing traffic safety equipment. 

Barricade Color Availability - White Yellow Orange Blue Green Red


    • Made from lightweight Polypropylene material that does not rust
    • Easy to handle and store
    • Compatible with Minit and the Xtendit Barricade Extension
    • Multiple, bright colors available
    • Recyclable
    • Can span uneven terrain
    • Quick interlinking units
    • No removable feet - no weak points
    • Made in the USA


    • Length: 6'6" (78")
    • Height: 3'3" (39")
    • Weight: 24 lbs. (10.9 kg)
    • Accepted Load: 1102 lbs. (500 kg)
    • Thermal Resistance: +131F,-4F (+55C,-20C)


    • (1) 6.5 ft. Interlocking Plastic Barricade in your choice of color

    Buying in large quantities? Contact us for a volume discount! or (847)-991-9900




    • Height: 39" inches
    • Length: 6.5' feet
    • Weight: 27 lbs


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