Tensabarrier 885 Outdoor Utility Barrier Stanchion - 7.5 Ft. Belt

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  • 7.5 foot belt
  • Red or yellow post and belt
  • Fillable base
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Product Overview

Lightweight and easy to assemble, the Tensabarrier 885 Outdoor Utility Barrier Stanchion is an ideal solution for safe, outdoor crowd control. These posts are made to withstand cold, heat, rain, or any weather circumstances.  The hollow base can be filled for additional stability or emptied for light transportation. Perfect for warehouses, distribution centers or construction sites –these stanchions can add safety without hassle.

Tensabarrier 885 Outdoor Utility Barrier Stanchion


  • Made of UPVC
  • Quick and simple assembly and break down
  • A hollow base that is easily filled with liquid, antifreeze, gravel or sand to add extra weight and stability when needed
  • Fits perfectly into industrial environments including warehouses, distribution centers or construction sites that require a flexible, robust stanchion solution




  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Post Height: 37.2’’
  • Post Tube Diameter: 2.5’’
  • Base Type: Fillable
  • Base Diameter: 15’’
  • Webbing Material: Heavy Duty Woven Polyester
  • Webbing Width: 2’’
  • Webbing Length: 7’6’’ or 13’’
  • Webbing End Type: Standard Anti-Tamper
  • Webbing End Color: Black
  • Customizable? Belt available in a range of styles and 2 sizes; Multiple post finishes available


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