Visiontron Versa-Stand Tower

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  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • Multiple Finishes Available
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Product Overview

A sign that cannot be missed by anyone! The Visiontron Versa-Stand Tower is a prominent sign tower that stands out above the crowd. The design is not only sleek and elegant, but it also has hand slots at the top, through which you can easily change panels. Single or double-sided viewing – the choice is yours to make. But, there’s no doubt that your Versa-Stand Tower will be visible for your customers!


  • Visiontron Versa-Stand Tower


  • Curved panels are changed easily and without any tools - remove panels through hand slots in the top of
  • the unit and replace by aligning panel edges with the side insert tracks
  • Durable PETG signage panels - to prevent cracking and withstand heavy use environments; alternative
  • materials also available
  • Extra heavy steel base that ensures stability during accidental bumping
  • Tilt & Roll Wheels which allow for easy transportation when the tower is angled, yet disengage when
  • upright to ensure the unit remains stationary
  • Easy assembly with included allen key
  • Single or double-sided viewing
  • Curved edges, stylish ribbed side panels
  • Ideal for airport wayfinding, stadium signage, casino promotions, branding etc.




  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Base Material: Double Powder Coated Steel
  • Size: 22" x 72" or 22" x 92"
  • Viewable Area: 21” x 72” or 21” x 92”
  • Weight: 63 lbs. or 69 lbs. (depending on the size)
  • Signage Inserts: Plain Sintra Panels or Printed Rigid Panels
  • Finish: Black or Silver
  • Customizable? Available in two finishes
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: VST2272 & VST2292


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